Performing a reset on your Verizon LG phones isn’t hard e.g. LG vx5200 and LG vx8100


So you changed some setting on your phone and now you don’t know how to fix it? Have no fear, there is a simple process that can restore your phone to the default settings:

  1. Click OK/Menu
  2. Click right twice to get to the Settings and Tools Menu
  3. Click down until you get to the System (this is 5 on a 5200)
  4. Click down until you get to the Security (this is also 5 on a 5200)
  5. Enter your lock code. If you have not customized it, this is the last for digits of your phone number.
  6. Click Reset Default
  7. You’ll see a message that says “Reset Default: Preference settings will be set to factory defaults. Press OK to continue.” You know what to do here…

I’ve not done this on my phone. I like my settings. But I’m told that this will NOT remove the custom rings you have uploaded on your phone AND there is a seperate menu item for deleting contacts. So, I don’t think it will remove your contact information either BUT I cannot guarantee this. Choosing this option MIGHT remove all of those settings.

If someone reading this follows these instructions, please let me know, in a comment, what is cleared and what is not.

10 thoughts on “Performing a reset on your Verizon LG phones isn’t hard e.g. LG vx5200 and LG vx8100”

  1. LG UV7000
    I did this. It did not delete any contacts. Nor did it delete any text messages. I didnt have any ring tones, so cannot verify that. It also does not delete any pix you have. It does change your background to default.

  2. I did the above procedure and it reset the phone to default and removed the contacts. It did not remove any txt messages that I had received or sent Thanks for the info.

  3. when i turn on my lg vx5200 it says “use genuine battery” and automatically shuts down within 11 seconds i bought new battery for it but nothing changes what should i do? I can’t apply to ay verizon service center because I’m in kazakhstan now

  4. I fixed one phone by opening it up and cleaning the battery connections on the board and reshaping the terminal connectors. My other ne is doing the same thing now and it cannot be fixed in this way. The problem is that the phone isn’t getting enough power from the battery. Not sure how to fix it if cleaning and reshaping doesn’t work.

  5. I had the same problem with my vx 8100 it kept saying use genuine battery and would power down. I tried putting a different batery in and that didnt fix it. Then I tried cleaning the connections, (I just bought the phone a week prior) I put the battery back in and it powered on.

  6. help me???my LG VX8100 need unlock code but i don’t remember…T_T,Can you help me???? hele me!!!ok…thank !!!

  7. I have the 5200 and I did the contact rub with a paper towel and slight bendy thingy with a toothpick on the phone’s contacts…looks like it’s charging now!

  8. Still having issues with “USE GENUINE BATTERY” message on my LG VX5200. Any other suggestions other than the ones above?

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