Code Cave:The Theme – Feature #1

These are ideas I will be putting in a theme I plan to release for the next BIG Word Press theme competition.  I’m not going to be able to do anything about the 2.0 release competitions, but maybe 2.5 or 3.0 in a year.  If you take these ideas and build them into your new theme, please just point a link back to this blog in the read me or preferably in the header code.

Feature one: Optional handling of the blog description and keyword metatags.

The Description meta tag should  done through a check box and an entry field on the theme options tab. 

Keywords should be, if enabled, automatically generated for each post by the category descriptions linked to the post.  Duplicate words would have to be filtered.  If the category description is a bad idea, code the theme add a field to that table or would that be a VERY bad idea?

Hello world!

I offer you my blog. 

See the problem is that I am losing stuff.  Over the last year I’ve done a bunch of neat stuff in forum development, in blog development, paypal, CVS, and Delphi.  But all of it was 1 time stuff.  Things that I have used and put in place and never need to think about again. 

I don’t want to lose any more of that knowlege. Here enters: The Code Cave.  A place for cold storage of my best one off solutions that I may nevaer need again, but you might.

If you use something here, please let me know.  If I am doing something wrong, or the hard way let me know that too.

I expect over the next few months, I’ll be busy cataloging my “[Mental Notes]” emails and turning them in to blog entries.  Some of what I put up here will be free, some will not.  I expect I will toss AdSense on here eventually and use that money to buy another seat license for VBulletin, if I get enough readership.  Maybe I’ll allow others to post in specific topical areas.  I’ll probably have a

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