Mafia Wars: Cuba – New BETA Screenshots

A few weeks ago, I’d been asked to beta test the new levels for the popular Zynga Mafia Wars game. Mafia Wars is arguably the most popular and successful of the social media games developed by the recently Venture Capital funded company Zynga. To date, the 1.5 year old, profitable, VC backed Zynga has raised 39 Million dollars in funding. As Mafia Wars is widely popular, there is bound to be great interest in this new Zynga release.

The story starts as I was about to crash for the night and made the mistake of turning on a computer screen. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a “Fly to Cuba” button on the top of my Facebook Mafia Wars page. In this beta release, there are new jobs hidden till you complete the next level and there are loads of new help topics and weapon descriptions and loot items revealed. I’ve made certain to record as much as I can tonight and you can look forward to finding more information in The Code Cave about this new Mafia Wars module.

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However, as I am likely to pass out on the keyboard at any moment, for today, you’ll have to be content with these tall images of the Mafia Wars: Cuba Home page and its first Jobs page. Enjoy:

This is the initial page for Mafia Wars: Cuba. Notice the Shared Mafia Wars Resources.
This is the initial page for Mafia Wars: Cuba. Notice the Shared Mafia Wars Resources.
Mafia Wars: Cuba - Jobs -  El Soldado - The Soldier
Mafia Wars: Cuba - Jobs - El Soldado - The Soldier

WordPress/WordPress mu Merge Definitively Confirmed

There’s been rumor and confusion over the last week about whether WordPress and WordPress mu were merging as Matt seemed to imply at WordCamp SF. The announcement was so shocking that the true meaning was uncertain. For example, the avid WordPress evangelist Lorelle was left with the impression that would become a community site. Thankfully, Donncha, WordPress mu’s lead, gave the conclusive word on the subject this morning:

Basically, the thin layer of code that allows WordPress MU to host multiple WordPress blogs will be merged into WordPress. I expect the WordPress MU project itself will come to an end because it won’t be needed any more (which saddens me), but on the other hand many more people will be working on that very same MU code which means more features and more bugfixes and faster too.

Donncha, I would view this with the honor it does you. It is not much of a stretch to say that with your work on mu, you’ve made a lasting contribution to the shape of world and how people get information and will relate to each other over the upcoming years. More and more and more sites are run on mu, while the whole buddy press/bbpress/mu paradigm is taking off and will change the shape of the web. The adoption of the mu’s features into the WP core is a signal of what is to come and it will be an exciting ride!

Congrats guy!