Plugins are the key to WordPress customization. I've written dozens of plugins over the years for clients, friends and employers. Many of them served a specific purpose for that user and I've not released them into the wild. However, others I have made available on Github or WordPress.Org/extend This page will be automatically updated as I make new plugins available.

  • Per Page Sidebars

    The Per Page Sidebars (PPS) plugin allows blog administrators to create a unique sidebar for each Page. No template editing is required.

  • SCuD – The ShortCode Disabler

    Allows you to disable ShortCodes on a per post/page basis.

  • Smart Passworded Pages

    Create central "Enter your password" page and the password entered determine which page the user sees next.

  • Spam Catharsis

    Automatically deletes all spam comments older than 15 days.

  • Word Filter Plus

    Update or clean the contents of your site, by filtering or replacing words and phrases in your posts, pages, excerpts, titles and comments.


  • fooLicensing - Version 1.1.2 of fooLicensing as made public at
  • Google-Talk-Notifications - This is a demonstration of how to send notifications to Google Talk from a web page. This example show demonstrates how you can recive notifications from BeanstalkApp when a project is deployed to a server.
  • iThemes-Downloader - A program to download all iThemes plugins and themes using your membership login.
  • purgeRiskyComments - This script uses WordPress to iterate comments and delete them if they contain words deemed by advertisers to be high risk.
  • term-sitemap - Sometimes a separate sitemap helps Google recognize mass changes more quickly.
  • woocommerce-mesasix-stripe-payment-extension - Plugin Mirror
  • WooThemes-Downloader - A program to download all WooThemes using your membership login.
  • WordPress-DirtyMC - A dirty memcaching trick that completely avoids all WordPress code and results in blazingly fast access for non logged in users - but you have to replace your index.php file.
  • WordPress-Export-Splitter - This routine splits a wordpress export into file sizes small enough to be handled by an import process.
  • WordPress-Manipulator - wpManip is a simple script for accessing the WordPress admin pages as if you were logged in.
  • WordPress-Server-Scripts - Some scripts I use on my servers
  • WordPressDevSite - This plugin allows you to develop on WordPress using an exact copy of the live database under a development URL

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