Google Talk Notifications

This is example script of how to get Google Talk notifications when a web page is hit.
The example script handles webhook notifications from BeanstalkApp.

Pages hit during development:

This project requires the XMPPHP project. It’s not been updated in 3 years, since 2009, so the
link to the latest and greatest will probably always be:

Extract the contents of that archive and move the directory named XMPPHP to location where this
file will live on your webserver.

If you ssh/putty to your server and change to the directory where this file will live, you can
just paste these into your terminal window to complete this process:

tar -xzf xmpphp-0.1rc2-r77.tgz
mv xmpphp-0.1rc2-r77/XMPPHP .
rm -rf xmpphp-0.1rc2-r77
rm -f xmpphp-0.1rc2-r77.tgz

You will then also need to change the constants in the php file.
If you’re using this as a BeanstalkApp deployment notification tool, log into beanstalk
and then set the post deployment notification for your project. The script can be used
for multiple projects. No alteration is required.

IMPORTANT! This script requires TCP port 5222 to be open outbund on your server.
If this port is closed you will get “Could not connect before time out” errors.

IMPORTANT! Google Talk works off of invites. So you MUST have chatting between source and
destination working before you use this script.

You can download this script here:

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