Advanced Google Search Operators

Sometimes a simple Google search won’t do. Today I needed to find some malformed URLs in a site.   I couldn’t remember how to search for specific text in a URL.

I had a hard time finding the Google documentation of search commands this morning.  It I needed the allinurl: function.

I don’t want to have to search that hard again so here is the documentation in my Code Cave:

Search Service Search Operators
Web Search allinanchor:allintext:allintitle:allinurl:cache:define:filetype:id:inanchor:info:intext:intitle:inurl:link:related:site:
Image Search allintitle:allinurl:filetype:inurl:intitle:site:
Groups allintext:allintitle:author:group:insubject:intext:intitle:
Directory allintext:allintitle:allinurl:ext:filetype:intext:intitle:inurl:
News allintext:allintitle:allinurl:intext:intitle:inurl:location:source:
Product Search allintext:allintitle:

Source and additional information:

Finding large files on a Linux server

Here are a couple commands you might find useful.

This command finds files that are larger than half a gig:

find / -type f  -size +500M -exec ls -lh {} \;

This command finds files that are larger than 1 gig:

find / -type f  -size +1G -exec ls -lh {} \;

This command finds files that are larger than 1 gig excluding the home directory which might be on a different mount. (notice the removal of the -type f so that the not works on paths):

find / -not \( -path /home -o -path /boot -o -path /tmp \)  -size +1G -exec ls -lh {} \;