PHPMyAdmin announces drop of PHP 4 support.

I was just over at the PHPMyAdmin site and saw this quote:

 Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.11, which will probably be the last series supporting PHP 4.

Notice the “probably” stuck in there.  They are testing the waters.

If phpMyAdmin is dropping the whole PHP 4 line, it just might push the WordPress adoption time a bit further.  Where phpMyAdmin goes, I have to think,  the ISPs will not be slow to follow.

  • The impetus for WordPress is on hosts switching away from PHP4 support and the reality is that there will always be PHP4 builds, even if older, of phpMyAdmin. So phpMyAdmin switching future dev to PHP5 does not mean that hosts have to switch their PHP builds and upgrade phpMyAdmin.

    If phpMyAdmin’s switch does have the effect of making hosts switch their PHP support, then WordPress might also go that direction.

    At least thats the impression I get.