Smart Passworded Pages Demonstration 1

This is a demonstration of the Smart Passworded Pages plugin.

There are four pages that have this page as a parent.

The password for these pages:

The reason that there are only three passwords is to show that when there are two pages which share the same password, the newest page will be shown.

These are the pages under this one

There is also a Smart Passworded Pages Demonstration 2 which is setup in the same way to show that the plugin will allow logins to only the child pages of the current page.

To test the operation of the plugin, enter your desired password below:

  • barry

    the password protection only works for the first access. I would like it to reset once the page is closed. Is this possible? The way it is now anyone that has access to the shared computer has access to the information when they open the page.

  • You can do this if you edit the plugin and replace the value in this line:
    * Define Constants
    define( ‘SECONDS_TO_STORE_PW’, 864000); // 864000 = 10 Days

  • Barry

    Thanks Brian


  • Sorry I don’t have undestand how this plug-in works.
    I use WP 4.3 (now).

    Your video don’t show where insert the wp password, in which page, child or paren.
    The video don’t show the real procedure.

    I hope ou can help me.
    Thanx, fabio.

  • Hi Fabio,
    The parent page is for the clients to enter the password. It should have no secure information, it should have the smartPWpages short code and it should not be passworded. The child pages have the secure information and should be passworded. Please read the new FAQ for more information:

  • Brian,
    Your plug in is great!!!!
    It is the perfect solution for my needs and it was easy to implement.
    I do have one question. Is there any way when a person puts in an incorrect password to have the page reload on refresh? I keep getting a message that comes up in any of the browsers I use, safari, chrome, firefox,

    “To reopen this page Safari must resend a form. This might result in duplicate purchases, comments, or other actions.”

    And then it won’t clear the page

  • You shouldn’t be seeing that. You should see the same page with an Incorrect PW message. You should only get the message you are seeing if you hit refresh.