Mafia Wars: Cuba – New BETA Screenshots

A few weeks ago, I’d been asked to beta test the new levels for the popular Zynga Mafia Wars game. Mafia Wars is arguably the most popular and successful of the social media games developed by the recently Venture Capital funded company Zynga. To date, the 1.5 year old, profitable, VC backed Zynga has raised 39 Million dollars in funding. As Mafia Wars is widely popular, there is bound to be great interest in this new Zynga release.

The story starts as I was about to crash for the night and made the mistake of turning on a computer screen. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a “Fly to Cuba” button on the top of my Facebook Mafia Wars page. In this beta release, there are new jobs hidden till you complete the next level and there are loads of new help topics and weapon descriptions and loot items revealed. I’ve made certain to record as much as I can tonight and you can look forward to finding more information in The Code Cave about this new Mafia Wars module.

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However, as I am likely to pass out on the keyboard at any moment, for today, you’ll have to be content with these tall images of the Mafia Wars: Cuba Home page and its first Jobs page. Enjoy:

This is the initial page for Mafia Wars: Cuba. Notice the Shared Mafia Wars Resources.
This is the initial page for Mafia Wars: Cuba. Notice the Shared Mafia Wars Resources.
Mafia Wars: Cuba - Jobs -  El Soldado - The Soldier
Mafia Wars: Cuba - Jobs - El Soldado - The Soldier

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Gold Cigar

Eight of Spades
Nine of Spades
Ten of Spades
Jack of Spades
Queen of Spades

Topaz Ring
Opal Ring
Amethyst Ring
Sapphire Ring

Solid Tie
Striped Tie
Checked Tie
Geometric Tie
Dot Tie
Knitted Tie

Warhol Painting
Van Gogh Painting
Dali Painting
Monet Painting
Rembrandt Painting

Silver Cufflinks
Gold Cufflinks
Amber Cufflinks
Jasper Cufflinks
Agate Cufflinks
Onyx Cufflinks
Pearl Cufflinks

Mill Reef
Sea Bird
Golden Miller
St Simon

9mm Semi-Automatic
.22 Pistol
Butterfly Knife
Brass Knuckles
.45 Revolver
Automatic Rifle
Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun
.50 Caliber Rifle
RPG Launcher
Grenade Launcher

Stab-Proof Vest
Lucky Shamrock Medallion

Armored Truck
Prop plane