No video for CodeRage 2007, this weeks live BorCon? The Fix!

Are you enjoying BorCon 2007?  Well, CodeRage 2007 is more PC I guess… 

Well, cool!  You’re not alone!  In fact SOOOOO many people joined, it crashed the video (MMS) feed.  So they had to turn it off.   It is back on Tuesday morning, but already showing signs of failing.  So you might want to just stick with Interwise.

 Here’s what to do to fix that problem…

(BTW if you haven’t join yet, what are you waiting for?  register_now for this virtual conference and join the fun!)

1. Go to and download their “Participant Application” client.  If you’re running windows, just click here: aa .

2.  Choose the stream that is appropriate for the session you want to attend.  (The sessions on the left are in stream 1. Right=Stream 2)
Stream 1 –

Stream 2 –

3.  Join the normal session from the session list.

4. Separate the video

5. Close that tab/window.

6. Click “I’m listening” to get a chance to get the prize for the session.

You now have the visual display AND a chat window without echoing sound.

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