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Hey! Look what I’ve just gotten for the first time:
OOOOoooooo  The elusive 100,000 chart!

I finally got myself an Alexa chart on Sunday! That means I’ve grown to be one of the top 100,000 sites on the web! Well, for Sunday at least. I’m not sure how long it will last. But considering there are now more than (put your pinky to your mouth when you say this) 100 Million websites out there, I’m glad for my little piece of the pie.

So here’s the big image for posterity’s sake:


Hey – My site is woefully low on reviews. One of the ways that I’ve given as how to say a quick “Thanks” is to write a review for me on Alexa/Amazon. So, if I’ve helped you out, please consider writing a quick review under your amazon account here.

Cheers all!

My Favourite Registry Enhancements

My friend Tom (See the Cycle Man post… pics, movies, and speed – you should check it out) asked about a registry setting I use this morning and I was able to do a quick look up of it and send it off his way. Well we all have settings that we carry from one PC to another… I just happen to have them in one place and commented profusely…

This file is what I vandalize any PC with that will be mine for any period of time. “Like a tom cat making his mark”, to quote The Bob’s song “Spray”, I’ll spray the registry with my scent.

Are there any I’ve missed? Which settings do you prefer?

Note that a Semicolon comments out MANY of the settings that I think some users may not prefer. The rest of them add to windows and simply make it better.

You may download the file in its entirety here:
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So, when is 2.1 coming?

Well, you can monitor it yourself. There’s no date yet, but there are some 600+ “tickets” to change involved. You can see that here:

Now, once the process gets a bit further along, you can check the status at that site. Here, take a look at how it was done for 2.0.5:

Notice that does not exist! 2.0.5 SHOULD be the last release for the 2.0 line. I suspect that whether that is true or not will depend upon if a security issue is found.

So, what does 2.1 look like? Well, I’ve got it running on a testing site. You can do the same as it’s available to those who are testers:

And those hackers who want to check out the nightly builds of the product:

There’s no quiz you must take to join. As no support is offered for any of the pre-release products, the only test is how fast you can dig yourself out of a hole when a feature you rely on doesn’t work in the current build. It’s sort of a pass fail thing….

WordPress 2.0.5: Top 5 Reasons to upgade

WordPress 2.0.5 includes some 60 bugfixes and improvements that I link to here. That should be reason enough for any geek to switch to the latest version. If you are not a geek, and perhaps you haven’t upgraded even to version 2.0.3 yet. You need to. It is VERY important to the safety of your blog. If you started your blog on version 2.0 or higher, you will also get a marked speed improvement out of your site.

Top 5 Reasons to upgrade
1. Integrity: If you aren’t running version 2.0.4 or higher, there are easy methods to delete posts and comments from your blog that are not traceable back to the person that did it. All your work could be easily if someone got the whim to do so.
2. Speed: If you are running versions 2.0-2.0.4 and always were, than you are missing a key index. This missing index tells your blog where to find posts and pages. As you can guess, it is good for that to work quickly. Read more here in the ticket I logged when I found the issue.
3. Security: Improved security in wp-db-backup plugin. Sneaky people could use older versions of the get to places that they shouldn’t be
4. Privacy: User info snooping was possible. Any user could see any other users contact info, private not. Spammers must love that “feature”.
5. All of the above and much more: You choose…. I’ll leave this one up to you… You might wish to choose from one of Mark Jarquith‘s favorites. He seems to be a pretty good guy and has listed his top choices here. Or you could choose from any of the items listed on the official tracking site, here. That link will list the most important fixes first.

If you’re still not convinced, you should read this article (not yet published).

If you think that it takes too long to upgrade, consider using my Upgrade your sites to the latest WordPress in 35 seconds. method and you’ll never have to worry about a lengthy update again! That’s how I updated The CodeCave.

And “Why is it called Ronan?” you ask… Well, it’s named after the very first WordPress Baby! Ryan Boren is Ronan’s proud father. Pictures are available on Ryan’s site.

Update: Mark has posted a list of just the files that have changed. If you don’t use the script I mentioned above, you could look into his file which gives you a smaller set of files to update. You can find that here:

Update2: IF you are one of the few with the 302/500 error please visit this site:

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are in the VAST majority and can thank your lucky stars 🙂