So, when is 2.1 coming?

Well, you can monitor it yourself. There’s no date yet, but there are some 600+ “tickets” to change involved. You can see that here:

Now, once the process gets a bit further along, you can check the status at that site. Here, take a look at how it was done for 2.0.5:

Notice that does not exist! 2.0.5 SHOULD be the last release for the 2.0 line. I suspect that whether that is true or not will depend upon if a security issue is found.

So, what does 2.1 look like? Well, I’ve got it running on a testing site. You can do the same as it’s available to those who are testers:

And those hackers who want to check out the nightly builds of the product:

There’s no quiz you must take to join. As no support is offered for any of the pre-release products, the only test is how fast you can dig yourself out of a hole when a feature you rely on doesn’t work in the current build. It’s sort of a pass fail thing….

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