3d Dragon illusion

I sent these links to Bill Amend of FoxTrot fame (who is a really nice guy btw):


He’s made one and I’ve made one too.  I’ll post some video sometime soon to show you how mine works.

Here’s the example from the main site:



And here’s what Bill had to say… 

>Works great.

>My engineer brother-in-law had the same idea as you and says he’s going to
>print one out on his office’s giant color plotter and make a huge one.

>Bill Amend

>> From: Brian Layman
>> Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:36:52 -0500
>> To: Bill Amend

>> Subject: RE: HEY!!!!!
>> Hey – how’d your cut and fold 3-d dragon turn out?
>> Mine turned out fairly well, and the illusion works well too.  I had to
>> put an extra layer of paper behind some spots to prevent light from
>> shining through.  It worked better after that, but 4″ tall is too little
>> to get noticed. 
>> I’m gonna redo it on an A3 page (11.7×16.5″) and see how it turns out…
>> A 1ft tall dragon should be MUCH more impressive…
>> Cheers!

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