A brand new Doctor Who episode: “Blood of the Daleks”

If you aren’t familiar with the Eighth Doctor, the one before Christopher Eccleston, you can listen to a brand
episode that aired on BBC7 this past Sunday starring Paul McGann.

Here is a quick sample: Link

Blood of the Daleks(link)

The Time Lord has plenty to deal with as an intruder appears in the TARDIS and the Daleks prepare to blight a damaged world.

Written by Steve Lyons, directed by Nicholas Briggs
With Paul McGann (the Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Katarina Olssen (Headhunter), Anita Dobson (Eileen Klint), Kenneth Cranham (Tom Cardwell), Hayley Atwell (Asha/Martez), Gerry O’Toole (Lowell), Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)
31 December 2006 and 7 January 2006

(BTW the first 5 minutes might sound a little bit familiar to the big fans…)

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