Angry letter to Flickr/Yahoo

I see why all the previous Yahoo employees I know where not happy about their time working for Yahoo.

Here is an on going email I conversation I am having with them:

I don’t want to discuss anything. Nor do I wish to obtain any information. I have informed you of an error made by your purchasing system, I simply wish for you to correct it and provide the service I’ve already proven paid for a week ago.

I’ve supplied the information requested for verification, with my first email. The information exactly matched what was in my account at that time. That information included my zip code and the email account used in this correspondence as well as a second email account which is in addition to my yahoo email.

I further explained this in my second email. I’d also provided the full information from my private profile screen that can only be reached if you are successfully logged in as me. I’d also supplied the information on my date of birth, as you are now again requesting in this third email.

I have provided proof of payment with the total amount billed and the exact time of the transaction (information only available if I had access to the account used to make the payment, this information would also match the time of my account being updated to a pro account.

Since supplying you with 100% of the information in my private profile was not enough, I have now added more information to my profile. By supplying an address and phone number, this will hopefully satisfy your profile information resale needs and you can just go and flip the switch on my friend’s account.

His wife had a baby and I wanted to allow him to show newborn pictures with his family and because you are rushing though support emails to reach your quota for the day or to make sure that all open tickets have been touched, without even bothering to verify that the information supplied did indeed match the information in your database, you have rendered this gift pointless.

So, here is the additional information I have added to my account: (please see the earlier email for my date of birth information)

Name: Mr Brian Layman

Yahoo! ID: silverpaladin0

[THE REST OF MY YAHOO PROFILE PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS POST  but it did include  5 email addresses and this line: ]

Work/School Address: University of Yes this really is my acct OK????

Please take the time to verify that all of this information is accurate to my current private profile.

The custom security question I chose 5 years ago would likely have been left blank, if that was allowed, or it would have consisted of a one word answer such as "handlebar" or "standard" or even "low security" as it was intended to remind me only of what password was used and not for use in an exasperating conversation with people who have all the information they need to be satisfied with my identity.

Here once again is information regarding the payment which was completed successfully. I’ve now included additional information from Paypal screen only available to someone with access to the online account.

Transaction Details

Transaction Completed (Unique Transaction ID #O-0U955615PG982510C)

Original Order

Date Type Status Details Amount

Aug. 22, 2008 Order To Yahoo Inc. Completed … -$49.90 USD

Related Transactions

Date Type Status Details Amount

Aug. 24, 2008 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details $49.90 USD

Aug. 24, 2008 Web Accept Payment Sent Completed Details -$49.90 USD

Original Order:

Total Payment: -$49.90 USD

-$49.90 USD

Business Name: Yahoo Inc.


Billing Agreement ID: B-3PD03739UJ404502M

Billing Description: Yahoo! Premium Services

View Billing Agreement Details

Total Amount: -$49.90 USD

Fee: …

Order Amount: -$49.90 USD

Item Amount: $49.90 USD

Shipping: $0.00 USD

Handling: $0.00 USD

Quantity: 1

Date: Aug. 22, 2008

Time: 01:52:31 EDT

Status: Completed

Shipping Address: No Address Provided

Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL:

Customer Service Email:

Customer Service Phone: 866-562-7228

Funding Type: Instant Transfer

Funding Source: ****** Checking (Confirmed) xxxxxx****

Another PayPal detail screen provided this information as well:

Invoice ID: 149744028

Date: Aug. 24, 2008

Time: 17:08:42 EDT

Status: Completed

I have CCed Rhett on this email, you will likely be able to match that email address with the one on the RhettMC account, in case that provides you with any further information.

I sincerely hope the next reply is simply along the lines of "Sorry for the trouble and confusion. This issue has been resolved and his account has been upgraded."

I also hope that I don’t have to wait until Tuesday to get a response, since your fellow customer service representatives waited till a half hour before the end of the week to respond to my email and your 866 number, now that I have found it, is already closed. (BY THE WAY HAVING A RECORDED VOICE LOUDLY SHOUT "YAHOOOOooo!" UPON CONNECTION WITH YOUR SUPPORT NUMBER IS NOT A BENIFICIAL TO ISSUE RESOLUTION

BTW I expect the year of his service to be started at the time this matter is resolved, or a credit for the amount of time lost waiting for a reasonable response.

I am not satisfied with your service. I am requesting that a copy of this email be supplied to the manager of your customer service department.


Brian Layman

Code Ninja

b5media Inc. / /

Skype: BrianLayman


—–Original Message—–

From: Flickr Support []

Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 8:26 PM


Subject: RE: [Flickr Case 905748] Re: Online Payment

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your recent email enquiry regarding Flickr Billing. I understand you need assistance regarding the Flickr Gift Pro that you purchased for your friend.

We appreciate your taking time to write us back regarding this matter.

As a standard policy, we will not be able to discuss account related issues or perform technical troubleshooting within your account without proper account verification, nor can we discuss your account with a third party.

Please provide us either the secret question and answer or date of birth you entered when registering your Yahoo! ID For security reasons, we regret you will not be able to view the secret question and answer or the date of birth associated with this account.

However, you may determine your alternate email address or zip code via the Account Information screen by signing in at the web URL


We’ll be happy to assist you after matching this info with our records.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Original Message Follows:




All of that information is ALREADY in the email.

The zip code is there.

The email address is there.

No street address is specified on my account.

No phone number is specified in my account.

Here you can have my full information screen if that will help in anyway:

Member Information Edit


Name: Mr Brian Layman

Home Address: Uniontown, OH 44685

United States

Phone: – not set –

Mobile: – not set –

Fax: – not set –

Work/School Address: – not set –

Phone: – not set –

Fax: – not set –

However, I don’t see how this comes into play when you should have a record of a purchase and can see that your system hasn’t implemented it. You should have enough to go on… My birth date is *** # if that is of any help, but I don’t know if I entered that correctly when I registered the account years ago. I often set it to Jan 1 or *** # as the exact date was irrelevant to the service I wanted from yahoo.

—–Original Message—–

From: Flickr Support []

Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 12:32 PM


Subject: Re: [Flickr Case 905748] Re: Online Payment

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your recent email enquiry regarding Flickr Billing. I understand that you are having an issue with the pro gift account that you purchased for RhettMC.

We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry about your account. In order to review your account, please reply with the following


* Zip Code

* Alt Email Address

* Street Address

* Phone Number

You may verify your account information [i.e. alternate email address and zip code] via your account information page at:

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Original Message Follows:


I purchased a gift pro account six days ago for RhettMC and upgraded my own account.

I got billed for it in Paypal, as you can see below:

Dear Brian Layman,

Your account has been charged $49.90 USD based on your previous authorization on Friday, August 22, 2008 01:52:32 EDT to Yahoo Inc. (

And a short time later, my account was upgraded. However RhettMC’s was not and he never received notification of the gift.

My Yahoo ID is SilverPaladin0

My zip code is 44685



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