Another good day

Well, things went well today.   I added blogs to the  b5network, came to the rescue of some sites that were having trouble and got further into the infrastructure of b5.

I also got added to the b5 team blog listing.  That instantly takes me up to over 135 blogs linking into me.  So that’s a nice side bonus I hadn’t thought about.

Aaron has written a very nice welcome note on his blog today in The Tech Team Adds a Fourth Member :

Yesterday, I posted the announcement about Brian Layman joining the b5media tech team. We’re really excited about hiring him because we have some big plans. Brian is classified as “big guns” in my book. He’s got a lot of development experience and is one of the more active people in the WordPress developer community.

It was important that we found someone who understood the way WordPress worked and operated and how to make it dance. Unlike some competitors, we shout from the roof that we’ve drunk the WordPress kool-aid and aren’t going back. While we’ve toyed with Drupal and other software packages, we know who our daddy is and that’s WordPress.

Brian’s joining of b5media marks a redeclaration of our WordPress allegiance. It’s really great to have him on board!

I also got some details of the exciting stuff I’m going to be working on in the upcoming weeks.  Let me tell you, we’re gonna…

well actually I can’t tell ya… So you’ll just have to wait to see what kind of goodness will be coming out of the b5 in the near future.

(removed blog list as I have a better way to access this now)


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