Ball Girl: How to spot a fake

You’ve probably seen this by now and I’ll admit I watched it a few times to help me decide whether or not it was fake or not.  Here, I’ll let you have a go at it to see if you can spot anything,

I keyed in on the obvious, from my perspective.  I’ve never seen  someone as close as the fans were to that ball, not fling themselves out and almost fall onto the field to catch it. 

Those people hardly reached at all and stopped before the ball was really caught.

However the catcher is the clue to this one.  I’ll show you two frames and see if you catch it:


Catch it?  Kudos to the commenters on the original video (reached by clicking the embed above) who caught this.  If you go there you will see that the description of the video is “Baker [Smith] directed these viral spots for Gatorade from ad agency Element 79 and Partners.”  See the half empty Gatorade bottle by her chair at the end?

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