Bill Amend “channeling” Bill Watterson: The FoxTrot/Calvin and Hobbes Conspiracy

or Speaking of Bill Amend

OK… While I don’t much believe in “channeling” and technically speaking Bill Watterson isn’t dead even if Chagrin Falls is fairly close to it… this is really starting to freak me out!

 I asked Bill about this back in last November and he denies (oops, typed Denise there) any conspiracy on the matter but something is going on…

I first noticed this back on November 28th:

Bill posted: Click images for a better view….

Jason plays guess the number

Meanwhile 11 years earlier – to the day – the other Bill had posted:

 Calvin plays guess the number

But this week I read on Sunday:

 Calvin needs Money


And  11 years and a day later Bill puts this up?

Jason Needs Money


A desperate cartoonist’s cry for help? 

Subject matter for the next episode of Sci Fi’s “In Search of…”?

You decide….

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