Blocking an IP Range using .htaccess

I’ve decided to block all traffic from all McColo Corporation users.

Not all are guilty I’m sure, but I just got hit by one of their customers called “Digital Infinity”, reportedly a Moscow based company.  I was crawled repeatedly by IP 12 IP addresses within the range.  Now, <100mb of transfers isn't so much to loose over a couple days, but it's enough to catch my eye.  Looking up one of those IP addresses shows McColo Corporation has leased to “Digital Infinity”.  However, several of the IP addresses that scanned me are within McColo Corporation generic pool.  I’ve also seen posts related McColo Corporation’s 208.66.192.* range being a major source of WordPress comment spam.

So, guys, you’re outta here.

I’m blocking them via .htaccess.  I suggest you might want to do the same for at least if you’re feeling more charitable than I am this morning.

Since they have four groups of addresses, I add four lines to my .htaccess file.  As a whole, that section now looks something like this:


order allow,deny
deny from 208.66.192
deny from 208.66.193
deny from 208.66.194
deny from 208.66.195
allow from all



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