CodeGear Releases Delphi 2007!

In the final session of Borland CodeGear’s week long virtual conference CodeRage 2007, they’ve made the surprise announcement that Delphi 2007 has been released.  Because of the new OS Commerce sytem that has been created, Delphi 2007 can be in your hand TODAY!  You will quickly see all of the CodeGear sales portals change the product over from Pre-order to Buy Now. 

They have a world wide distribution network that includes an Electronic Software Delivery system that delivers the software from local servers.   In the converence they had live reports of the process and it seems the Germans have the lead in the D2007 downloads.  The US has some catch up to do.

 The CodeGear folks have worked really hard on this release.  I’ve been speaking with John Kaster via Skype off and on over the last two days, and let me tell you they are exhausted.

Alright guys,  Go get some sleep!  You’ve earned it!

I’ll be posting the full ending session shortly.  I think The Code Cave may be the only place anyone can get this video.  Look for it soon!

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