Cool stuff to look at on Google Satelite view

Have you ever explored the artic regions?

There’s some incredible stuff to see up there in satellite view, like icebergs the size of SW PA breaking off and flowing down stream…,-86.594238&spn=0.282656,2.287903&t=k

I had been looking at Greenland then I became fascinated with this huge river up in Russia,-86.594238&spn=0.282656,2.287903&t=k

This thing is absolute HUGE and look at the pockmarked land structure around that bay… it is just wild,78.308487&spn=0.13842,0.571976&t=k

And that river flows all the way back to/from this huge lake thousands of miles away – which has a really weird streak across it.,108.676758&spn=2.017007,4.575806&t=k

It must be something on the satellite’s lens… You can see it’s fabric….,108.683195&spn=0.02674,0.043516

Even so, I am considering submitting a story to Weekly World News about how the Russians have a massive program to create a band-aid to patch the hole in the ozone… I think it would fly don’t you?

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