“Copy as Text Link” and “Copy as Image Link” Blogging Tools

Justin of JustInsomnia had a great idea for a FireFox plug in:

I want to be able to copy a quote and its URL at the same time, without having to so much as think about it. To do so, I wrote my first Firefox extension, which I opted to name the somewhat homely, Copy as HTML Link.

So he created Copy as HTML Link for Firefox and generously shared his moment with wp-hackers Subscribers .

The plugin looks good and he did a really good job documenting it (THIS IS RARE!):

Click to go to the original site.

I must say that since I’ve started using this method, it’s been a quite a time saver. This was a GREAT idea. Inspired! So, if you have FireFox, please head on over there and get that plug-in!

Ah, but here’s the fly in the ointment and the sand in my… socks: A Firefox plugin won’t work for Maxthon!!!! (Click to go to the original site.) or Internet Explorer!

You see, Firefox just doesn’t do it for me. Click to go to the original site. Opera comes darn close to being right, but I like the extra usability features in Maxthon.

So, I thought… Hey… I could do that for Maxthon and IE AND I could do it all from a BATCH file!

So, here it is…

Run this Batch file and you will have installed on your system, two new menu items. When you highlight text, you’ll have an option to “Copy as Link” and when an image is right clicked, you will get an option to “Copy Image as Link”. Hopefully I’ve chosen hotkeys that will work well for you… If not, you can change them in RegEdit at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\

BTW EVERY image and link up to this point in this post was created using this tool. Man, Good idea Justin!

Also – If you find that IE is prompting you asking for permissions to open the links, please post a comment and I’ll show how to fix that. I’ve gotten that message on other things I’ve like this I’ve created and know how to get past it. I’ve disabled that workaround on this computer and I am not getting that “Are you sure” message. So these menu items should be safe. ALSO, some popup blockers may block these items. You might have to add localhost as a site that is allowed to show popups in your particular popup blocker. Let me know if you have any problems.

Here’s the download: http://www.TheCodeCave.com/downloads/batch/AddCopyAsLink.bat

Here is the source:
@echo Off
:: Implements “Copy * as Link” menu items in IE and Maxthon
:: Written by Brian Layman
:: Visit me at: http://www.TheCodeCave.com
:: Version 0.1
:: Update Url: http://www.thecodecave.com/?p=152
:: Inspired by Justin’s Firefox Plubin
:: Found at: http://justinsomnia.org/2006/05/copy-as-html-link-for-firefox/

:: Create file for the Copy Text as Link
echo ^>%windir%\web\copytextaslink.htm
echo ^


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