Delphi for PHP Article 2: A Lazy Sunday (Video)

OK, I just got back from church and I am stuffed from the three bowls of soup and a huge salad.  So, I am feeling lazy, but I still want to get a Delphi for PHP article out (since I have a limited exclusion from my NDA and am alowed to discuss such matters or so I must say in each of these articles.)

 So, today you get treated with a video I made for the other Delphi for PHP testers.  It isn’t too exciting, but it will show you a little bit about the underlying structure of the DB Demos in the beta releases of Delphi for PHP.  I should say that it is entirely possible that the demos requiring the steps described in this video will be reworked for the final product.  If that’s the case you likely won’t have to do much, or ANY of this process in the full blown 1.0 process.

If you are new to PHP programming, you can use this process to create a webserver on your local home computer.   That’s downright handy for testing any web product.  So, you’ll benifit that way even if the Delphi for PHP stuff isn’t too handy for ya.

 OK here you go: 


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