Firefly / Serenity video you’ve probably never seen before: R Tam Session 114

River Tam was a lovely young girl. She was smart and bright and beautiful. Her family loved her. She and her brother had a relationship that should exist between all big brothers and little sisters. Teasing was part of the written contract, but so was stepping up and taking care of anyone that would dare think of harming her.

Then when the men from the academy came and offered River a scholarship. It seemed…right.

The members of the academy tracked River’s progress at the academy. She was a bright student and was transfered into very special classes. Hundreds of special sessions were had between River and her teachers. They were very interested in her progress. Some of the video recordings of those sessions have been leaked to the Internet. I may not have them all in the right order, but here’s what I’ve found so far…

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WARNING: NOT SUITIBLE FOR FAMILY CONSUMPTION. This film is licensed for public distribution.

You can read about how this video came to be here.


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