Hello world!

I offer you my blog. 

See the problem is that I am losing stuff.  Over the last year I’ve done a bunch of neat stuff in forum development, in blog development, paypal, CVS, and Delphi.  But all of it was 1 time stuff.  Things that I have used and put in place and never need to think about again. 

I don’t want to lose any more of that knowlege. Here enters: The Code Cave.  A place for cold storage of my best one off solutions that I may nevaer need again, but you might.

If you use something here, please let me know.  If I am doing something wrong, or the hard way let me know that too.

I expect over the next few months, I’ll be busy cataloging my “[Mental Notes]” emails and turning them in to blog entries.  Some of what I put up here will be free, some will not.  I expect I will toss AdSense on here eventually and use that money to buy another seat license for VBulletin, if I get enough readership.  Maybe I’ll allow others to post in specific topical areas.  I’ll probably have a

journal too.

We’ll have to see how this all works.  My brain is a scary place and who knows what crusty bit will fall out once I start organizing.  Much of that stuff in there is three decades old or more and things were much different back then, but I continue on doing my own thing…

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