HELP!!! Retrieving the handle of the DLL’s owner -HOW?

I have written a DLL, It needs to access a control in the instance of the application that loaded it. So, I want to get the handle of the application that is currently using that DLL. Or said a different way, the handle of the application that has loaded that instance of the dll. Anyone know how to do this? Solutions in any (major) programming language are acceptible. I should be able to readily translate them to Delphi…

I am building an Maxthon plug-in that adds the missing search buttons from the Google tool bar (search site, search news groups, search images). It is easy enough to search through all windows and get the handle of the maxthon window and then find the value you’ve put in the Maxthon search box. But I want to be certain that I get the right value. I could give myself a unique GUID, search all parent windows till I find that unique GUID and then know that that parent window is my host, however, that seems a pain….

Any thoughts?

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