How to play MP3s on a Verizon LG vx8100

Verizon tries to force you to only play WMA files on your phone. But because they’ve left their security menu open, you can reenable mp3 files.

Here’s how:
1. First Press Menu
2. Look at the menu if you want, but we’re gonna a hidden option: 0
3. After you press 0, you get asked for the service code password. Enter 000000.

Your now in the “secret” service menu. Be careful – you CAN screw up your phone from this menu..
4. Scroll down to and select “11. Music Setting” Note that this is specific to the vx8100 service menu. On the vx5200, this is Battery test.
5. Then select mp3 enable,
6. Press OK and your phone will probably reset.

You can now play MP3 AND WMA music files…

My wife will be very happy when she sees I’ve “fixed” her phone…


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