I need an Maxthon alpha tester or two…

I need a Maxthon user (and if you are not one you should be – it is an alterenative browser based around IE) to test a new browser plug in.

The newest version of the Google tool bar does not work in Maxthon. I use search Site ALL the times and search images ALMOST as much. Without those two items in Maxthon, it is missing some major features.

So, I’ve written a toll bar that will take the text in the search field and use it to do those extra searches that the Google Tool bar does. It even EXTENDS the google functionality because it will search the news page for info you type in there.

So, this is it at a barely functional level. Please try it and tell me if you come up with any flaws major or minor. I already have in the about box a list of 8 or 9 things I want to do before it reaches a beta level. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Here is the Zip: http://www.thecodecave.com/downloads/GoggleAlpha1.zip
Just extract it with paths to the Maxthon directory, the built in paths will put it where it belongs. Then just open a webpage in Maxthon and the tool bar will appear. (you have to be at a page for the tool bar to appear, if you’ve chosen not to have any page open on startup, the toolbar will appear when you open a page.

Here’s my recommended Gogglebar positioning:
Alpha 1


So if you have a web page open and look for Goggle in the toolbar menu it is not there? Well, for the same reason it requires a page to be open, it likewise requires the Goggle DLL to be registered. You should be able to do clicking Start>Run and pasting in a modified version of this:
regsvr32 “c:\program files\Maxthon\Plugin\Goggle\Goggle.dll”
That will of course have to point to the right director for Maxthon…

See unfortunately this is an IE plugin that works in Maxthon. Ideally, the IE dependency will be removed but i’m not sure how to do that ATM. That may not be fixible befor a beta release, but it is not a big deal if it comes with an installer…


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