I’ve updated to 2.0.7rc2. More testers are needed

Mark Jarquith has asked for help with testing RC2. He’s looking for specific testers.

To see if you are one of the ones he is looking for, save this text as something.php:



then open it up.

If the header shows “PHP Version 4.3” or anything less, and Server API shows CGI or FastCGI, PLEASE TEST!

If you find a variable called SERVER_SOFTWARE that shows you are running IIS, PLEASE TEST!

You can download the full package here:

If you are running 2.0.6 and would like only the changed files, you can download this file:
(Note that this file is relative to your blog directory and not to the root with a wordpress directory underneath it. It contains just three files. So just extract it, with paths to where your blog is installed.)

Here’s how to test:

From http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-testers/2007-January/003644.html

To test feeds’ 304 Not Modified headers, I recommend getting the Live
HTTP Headers extension for Firefox:


A. Warming up:

1. Make sure that Firefox will display feeds (and not pipe them to
an external RSS viewer)
2. Disable any caching plugins on your site like WP-Cache
3. Upload the 2.0.7 files (no need to run an upgrade)
4. Clear your Firefox cache

B. Testing procedure:

1. Open up Live HTTP Headers (Tools > Live HTTP Headers)
2. Visit http://yoursite.com/wp-rss2.php?test=123
3. Verify that the response header for /wp-rss2.php?test=123 is 200 OK
4. Clear the Live HTTP Headers output
5. Reload the feed
6. Verify that the response header for /wp-rss2.php?test=123 is 304
Not Modified

There should be no conflicting Status: header (that is, any Status
header should match the response code of the main HTTP response header).

NOTE: The ?test=123 part is just to make sure that your first request
isn’t already cached.

Next, try basic WordPress functions like logging in, writing an
entry, writing a page, and deleting a page.

Let me know how it goes. Please include PHP version, server, and
server API (e.g. PHP 5.2/Apache/FastCGI) If you’re unsure about your
headers, paste the Live HTTP Headers output in your response, or send
me your feed’s URL to check out.


Then report here, or on wp-testers if your feeds seem to be working correctly.


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