o-o-o! Attention Lost! fans, before I forget…The Turn of the Scew!

If you are really into the American series Lost! on the ABC network, there’s an important event happening. Do you remember when they found the first hatch? Do you remember the orientation video? Of COURSE you do! Well, do you remember where desmond kept the video? It was behind a book called “The Turn of the Screw”. That book was held centered in shot just long enough for the viewer to see the title and read the author’s name: Henry James.

Henry James' The Turn of the Screw

Desmond said even said the title, just in case you don’t catch that the 1 second focused pause on the book cover was important:

JACK [to Locke]: Don’t tell me you believe this. This is crazy. You think that makes sense — pushing a button? You’re going to take his word for it?

LOCKE: His word is all we have, Jack.

DESMOND: You don’t have to take my word for it. Watch the film.

JACK: What?

DESMOND: The bookcase — top shelf, behind Turn of the Screw — projector’s in the pantry.

[Locke and Jack get the film. It says Orientation on the side of the film canister.]


This novel was written in 1898, so it is public domain (at least until the Disney corp changes copyright laws AGAIN to protect their Mickey) and you can read it lots of places. This is important because J J Abrams has said that this single novel contains the complete explaination about what is happening on this island. Basicaly, it explains everything. (Sorry can’t find the source for that quote tonight. If you know it, please leave a comment. I’d like to quote him word for word here.)

I bring this to your attention because THIS SUNDAY at 1pm London time, BBC7 radio (online) is going to air “Turn of the Scew”. I am VERY eager to hear this broadcast. So I thought I would share.

This link will work for you Sunday afternoon:

Until then, clicking on it will give you the story One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest.

But I’m hoping this broadcast will give me some new insight.

And I just HAD to share!


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