On a much lighter note…

Chris and John went duck hunting for the first time.

They took decoys, shotguns, and camouflage hunting suits. Before they left, a friend suggested that they bring a “dog to get the ducks”. They took his advice and off they went.

As noon time rolled around, the other hunters on the lake were heading back with boats filled with ducks, while Chris and John had not a single duck.

Chris asked “What do you think we’re doing wrong John?”

John replied “Maybe we’re not throwing the dog high enough”…

Buh dom bom… Sorry I couldn’t resist that one… It so reminded me of jokes from the Prarie Home Companion Joke shows. But they are always Sven and Ole (Pronounced Ollie)… Like this one from 2004

Swen and Ole go duck hunting and Ole is very excited to show off his new hunting dog. They are out in their duck hunting boat and a couple of ducks fly over. They fire and a duck them drops. Ole sends his retriever out to get the duck. The dog jumps out of the boat and runs across the water picks up duck and hops back into the boat. And much to Ole’s dismay, Swen doesn’t say word.
Another couple of ducks fly over. They shoot and another duck falls. Ole sends his dog out again. The dog again runs across the water, picks up the duck, and runs back and hops into the boat. Still, Swen doesn’t say a word.
This happens several more times and finally Ole smugly says, “So Swen, do you notice anything unusual about my new dog?”
“Ja, he can’t swim.”

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