Sorry for the down time!

The website functioned PERFECTLY as long as you were logged in! HONEST! 

Anyway, Lloyd, Cindy and Joe EVENTUALLY convinced me that they really weren’t insane.  Even my wife told me she got an error on the site, I just thought it was her IE6 gagging on a media file as it is prone to do.

And people think programmers are making it up when they say “Well, it works fine when I do that…”

But hey – what’s 10 hours of down time amoungst friends… Sheesh…

PS. For the record  DO NOT use Anarchy Media Player Plugin 2.0 Beta with version 2.1.2 of WordPress…  Stick with 1.6.5 even though you don’t get buttons on the editor any more.   Or you will get the behaviour I did.  I’ll diagnose it later.


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