Sweet Linus Benedict Turvalds, I’m working from home!

Long time readers of mine my might have had a suspicion.  You see when I have something big that I can’t talk about, I get severe writers block.  I can’t talk about what I want to talk about so I go from a one to two quality post a day period down to NOTHIN’ for three weeks!

Well this time it was VERY big!  After a 17+ year career as a Delphi programmer, I’ve started a new carreer.  Today was my first day working for b5media.  I am now one of an ever increasing number of professional making my living off WordPress, PHP and other Open Source programming. So, at the end of the day, I’m breaking the day of silence in the blogosphere with a post about joy and success.  That seems a more fitting remembrence.  Progress and fullfilment rather than silence.

You can read the official announcement here: “Brian Layman Joins Tech Team“.  It all started just over four weeks ago when I got a call from Aaron Brazell.  It was a fast whirlwind since then.  I’ll tell you all about my trip to Canada, dozen or so trashed cars, the flaming car of doom, all about b5media and other exciting goodies over the next few days.  There have been loads of firsts and progress being made on the Delphi for PHP front over the last two weeks that I’ll post about too.

For now, though, I just wanted to share the good news!

And Oh yes, I let my wife scoop the story.  She was soo excited about the chance to get a scoop!  No, Aaron, that pic wasn’t from today, but a month or so ago.  But I’m not making any promises I won’t be out there sometime…

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