The Best Pinger/Update Services List for WordPress 2.02

After some fairly exaustive research and testing, I have come up with the following combined pinger list for WordPress. This took four or five other lists and eliminated duplicates and slow responders (from the US). Many lists contain entries that are already available through Ping-o-matic which goes out and pings the pingers. At the time of this post, this list will not produce any duplicates and will allow WordPress to complete its post before the standard browser will time out. This WILL increase the time it takes to post, however you do not need to wait for the browser to refresh itself. You can usually move on to do other things after the first second or two. At that point the post has been made to the DB and WordPress is off notifying the pingers and will continue that until it is done.

Here is the list of Update Services I use at my blogs:

Put these in the “Update Services” field on the Options>Writing tab in your WordPress administrator control panel.


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