The Delphi for PHP Beta Bloggers are on their way!

I was granted my Delphi for PHP BetaBlogger priveledges back on March 1.  I was the first to have that priveledge, but it was done specificaly so that I could have discussions with the WordPress folks at Automattic regarding a possible joint CodeGear/WordPress project for the 2007 Google Summer of Code™.  Unfortunately, with everyone crunching for possible product releases while the CodeRage conference was happening, the logistics could not be nailed down.  (BTW, that’s no problem.  What it REALLY means is that it openned the door for several other opportunities.  The first of which I’ll announce tomorrow.  Of course Matt‘s and Lloyd‘s readers already know all about it…) 

Though I had the legal rights to discuss the Delphi for PHP project with you, the BetaBlogger program had not officially started and I didn’t want to approve my priviledges.  So, while I did release one video and did another for the testers, I’ve kept mostly quiet until the full Beta Blogger program began.  Well that day is almost here.  

The WordPress for PHP BetaBlogger is about to start in earnest and I plan to be on top of this thing.  And I need your help to pull that off.  (Oh yeah, I should say in so-many-words that I am allowed to discuss this with you because I have a limited exclusion from my Delphi for PHP Non-Disclosure.  You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress)

Here’s my proposal: I will inform you of EVERY new D4PHP BetaBlogger post I hear spoken about behind the closed doors, and you all, come back here to this post and leave a comment for every one YOU see.  In return I’ll continue to put out Delphi for PHP videos and samples (as I have time) until you know this great new PHP tool inside and out.

Does that sound like a plan or what?  Is it a deal?


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