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There’s been a lot happening in Borland lately, specificaly in CodeGear territory.  These are exciting times.  I’ve got a whole lot of stuff that I want to tell you about.  However, first I’d like to introduce you to a site that you may not have heard of: Delphi Feeds.

Delphi feeds is a sort of one-stop-shop for Delphi related projects.  With some new and exciting projects coming out, your gonna be able to keep up to date there.  TheCodeCave ‘s Delphi category has now been added as of the feeds available on that site. 

 So, what that means is we might be getting a little more traffic here.  Also you’ll probably see some re-posts of my favorite Delphi projects I’ve shown here.  Perhaps I’ll update them to run in BDS 2006, Spacely or Highlander. 

What in the world is Spacely and Highlander?  Well, I can’t divulge too many details, but those familiar with the Codegear road maps know that Spacely is the version of Delphi due out at the end of March.  Spacely is the name used while it is in the testing phase. Spacely is an ONLY Delphi 2007 release.  Highlander on the other hand is a the BDS 2006 successor with the full trimmings.  You can find all these details and more by doing a little Googling and by visiting Delphi feeds.

I’ll have a detailed post about the Delphi for PHP release coming up shortly… This product has me the most excited.  It will revolutionize php development.  Please stay tuned…

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