WordPress 2.0.4 released but…

UPDATE – This post no longer applies.

This post is obsolete. It describes two issues I had with WP2.0.4 just prior to it being released. The first is a Maxthon browser specific error, that is suppressed by default in Maxthon and IE. In IE however there is never a way that it can be shown. At least that’s what my testing indicates.

The second error was due to a zero byte Index.php files being located in the plugins directory. IF index.php is there, it replaces the dashboard upon subsequent visits. That’s a nifty trick… I put the index.php from my bubble headed boy page in there and now the wp Dashboard hosts bubble headed boy! How useful is that?!?!!

Anyway, I’m now “good” with 2.0.4 – both of these things are “non-issues” – Install away!

Well, Matt released version 2.0.4 a short while ago. I’d love to jump on the Go, download and Install Now band wagon, but frankly I am just not there yet. I’m seeing weird problems that just shouldn’t be there. Admittedly, these problems are far better to suffer though than dealing with some malicious member bumping themselves up to administrator level or doing something worse to your blog than that. Still, I would have preferred these problems being confirmed and fixed or at least knowing why they were happenning here and perhaps not elsewhere. I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary with this site at the moment.

I’ve just spent 4 hours trying to find the first problem. I am getting this error all over the post.php page:
Object expected on line 7 character WHAT???? 18410????

You’ll only see this message if you turn back on the annoying Script-Error-Popup that everyone disables because 90% of the sites out there contain errors:

Should be checked

or Maxthon:
Should be unchecked

I can often produce it upon saving a post, deleting a post, leaving the write tab, heck I even sometimes get two of them when closing down the browser.

I’ve just found that the error is never raised/actively supressed from IE7 proper. However, the Maxthon browser raises the error. If this is truly a Maxthon only issue, than I’ll just turn back off the error popup and go on happily with life. Since this error can be easily ignored, I’m not thaaat worried about it anyway. I am a little concerned that it could be masking other behaviour…

The other issue is a bigger deal, but I’ve heard from two people who don’t see this bahaviour. My dashboard tab/button points to
and therefore only displays this when I click on it:
la la la la Don't Worry.  Browse happy, la la la

Look Ma! No dashboard!

Sooo, I’m still investigating. When I have found the reason for these, I’ll make another post describing the really quick way to download and install these upgrads…

But till I get this isolated, please excuse the dust and any weird behavior… though for now, I am off to bed…



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