WordPres 2.0.7 is Out the Door! Now you can use the upgrade tool!

This is when it pays off. All those who downloaded and tested the EasyWPUpgrade tool can now get their monies worth! All you need to do to upgrade is log in via tellnet and type the name of the upgrade script, and in seconds you’ll have your site upgraded. Of course, you can read all about the release on the Development site: here: http://wordpress.org/development/2007/01/wordpress-207/

I was successfully able top update my five active sites, without a fuss.

Here’s a picture of the backup files it created (And yes, that file is 1.2gb in size. I do trust this for my live sites.)

Ooooo Ain

You can try EasyWPUpgrade for yourself and tell me all about your experience on the The Code Cave’s forum: Did you use the The Code Cave’s EasyWPUpgrade for WP 2.0.7?

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