WordPress 2.0.6 is released. Make sure you get this one!

WordPress 2.0.6 has been officially released (link) and you definately need to get this one. 2.0.6 was originally just a bunch of minor updates, but now includes several critical security patches. In fact, one of the core “make this information safe” filters that protects you from malicious abuse through the address used to reach your site has been replaced. More detail follows.

I’ve not yet finalized my list of 2.0.6 features, but for now you can review the 2.0.6 RC1 features listed here: (link)

Also, I’ve upgraded my “Update WP in 35 seconds” script. It was 6 lines, it’s now well over 300. And instead up upgrading in 35 seconds, I was able to upgrade 3 WP blogs in <5 seconds without a single browser seeing the site down. The script also will do a full file backup of your WP site into a dated directory (though not in 5 seconds). Pretty nifty. You can see it here: Upgrade your WordPress sites in 5 Seconds(link)


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