LG VX5200, LG VX6000, LG VX7000, LG VX8100 stuff

This is a collection of Info I’ve gathered on LG cell phones. Much of it is probably Verizon specific, but some may work with other providers and other phones.

As with any non standard usage of software or hardware, following these instructions could mess up your stuff. If you aren’t confident in what you are doing… don’t do it. If you aren’t willing to fry your phone and have to repurchase one at full price because you’ve just voided your warranty, don’t do this stuff…

If any of this stuff violates your particular contract with Verizon, only do it if you are willing to accept the subsequent fees and consequences. I haven’t tried nor even read through all of this stuff. So there could be a lurker in there that smokes your phone. I don’t know. Use it at your own risk. ’nuff said.

FYI: This post will grow and change… Check back periodicly to see if I ‘ve added anything new…

(http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=908610) I pressed the #/space key from the service menu and arrived at a “test Mode” menu. From there, you can ser LCD brightness, test the audio, conduct a PCM loopback test, test the contrast/color, and test the vibrating motor in the phone, leaving it constantly running until the test is stopped. Kinda a neat submenu I thought I’d share with everyone, that is unless its old news in which case I apologize

(http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=735606) – Images Gone
Here is a walkthrough for those of you who don’t seem to be able to get the V4 DUN FIX working…Credit: Thanks to Dpasirst for finding this hack and re-enabling those who got shafted. Here is the original thread.

Disclaimer: Editing files on your phone will most definately void your warranty. This fix has worked for me and others, but there is no guarantee that you won’t mess something up and hose your phone. If you do it’s not my fault! Also, Verizon officially does not condone tethering of your phone to your laptop on the EVDO network and is against your TOS. Modifying your phone with this guide will allow you to connect to the EVDO network, but you would be violating your contractual agreement with Verizon and could be subject to early termination or data transfer fee’s. Use this at your own risk!
This is a walkthrough on how to use your Verizon LG VX8100 cell phone as a modem to connect your PC / Laptop / PDA to the internet using Verizon’s data network. For those of you in areas that support the high speed EVDO network, you will be able to connect to the internet with broadband speeds with your phone using only the minutes that you are connected. (Unless you use it during nights and weekdends, which would be free unlimited broadband) This works out especially well if you have a bluetooth compatible PDA or laptop as you can dial up to free broadband without any wires in your way. No more need for hotspots, just dialup and check your mail anytime and anywhere.

Connecting to your Phone using QPST

This hack will require that you find a copy of QPST 2.7 to be able to overwrite the nvm_data file that is on your phone. This is commercial software so I cannot prove a link to download the software here on this forum. However, if you know how to use google it should not be hard to find. As far as I know you cannot use BitPim to overwrite this file.

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Ok I know most of you know how to do this, but just in case…

Save it to the Desktop…

Extract QPST to it’s own Folder, on the desktop is fine.

Open the folder and double click the setup.exe file! WOW!

Install QPST with all the defaults, don’t try anything fancy.

Ok now that it’s instlled, here are some more steps:

Start the QPST configuration, this will also startup the QPST server, you will notice a spash screen during this time.

Once it finishes loading…

This takes about 60-90 seconds to retrieve the directory structure off of the phone. Maybe less if you have a direct cable connection to the phone. But I use bluetooth as you can see.

Long wait…

Now it should show a file structure, you need to download /nvm/nvm/nvm_data off of the phone, preferably to your desktop. This is the file we are going to change to allow DUN to work once again. Once you have a copy on the computer make a backup, and put it in a safe place!

Hacking your NVM_DATA File
We need to change the login name that the phone uses when it connects to the internet with the DUN interface. On the V1 phones all data calls used the @vzw3g.com login. New with the V4 phones is the @dun.vzw3g.com login. After the V4 update when you dial out with the phone they can tell you are using DUN rather than Get-IT-Now or V-Cast because of this new login. We can edit the @dun.vzw3g.com login out of the phone configration with a free HEX editor.

Here are the steps…

Start with Google, of course…

and for those who need even more hand holding!

Extract XVI32 to it’s own folder.

Ok, we’ve made it this far, one more slightly more complicated part to go! Open the file in XVI32, however you want to, File>Open… also works.

Copying the Update NVM_DATA Back to the Phone

After you update the file on your phone, the phone should say “Service Required”. Don’t worry this is normal, reboot your phone and you should be done!

Sorry guys I got a bit carried away with MSPaint… hope this was helpful.

Getting Connected

How to find out what Port your phone is on.

Whenever you use QPST, you need to know what port windows assigns to your phone.

After plugging in your phone to the USB cable do this:

1) On your desktop or start menu, Right-Click on My Computer

2) Choose Properties

3) Click Hardware Tab

4) Click Device Manager

5) Find Ports and click the + next to it.

6) You should see LGE in there and it will say (COM8) or some other number
That is what COM port you need to add into QPST Config program.

7) Another simple method is to add standard COM ports (COM1 – COM10 should most definately work) to the QPST configuration. The reason for this is that COM ports are frequently used by your pc and various software/hardware. The COM port may change at random and since you have several COM ports added, your phone will always show up.

How to assign COM1 or COM2 to your phone permanently.

Plug in your phone to USB.

1) First we will check to see if COM1 or COM2 is available.

2) Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties

3) Go to Hardware tab and click Device Manager

4) Click the + next to Ports

5) You will see the following:

Communications Port (COM1)
Communications Port (COM2)
LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (COM5) or some other COM#
Printer Port (LPT1)

6) Double Click on Communications Port (COM1)

7) Go to Port Settings Tab and click on Advanced

8) Under COM Port Number: Pick something like COM8 or COM9 (only if it doesn’t say “used” next to it)

9) Click OK and OK again

10) You will now see:

Communications Port (COM8) (or whatever COM# you picked)
Communications Port (COM2)
LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (COM5) or some other COM#
Printer Port (LPT1)

If you still see COM1 on the first line, close Device Manager and open it again.

11) Now to change the phone to be on COM1

12) Double click on LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (COM5)

13) Go to Port Settings Tab and click on Advanced

14) Under COM Port Number: Pick COM1

15) Click OK and OK again

16) You will now see:

Communications Port (COM8) (or whatever COM# you picked)
Communications Port (COM2)
LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (COM1)
Printer Port (LPT1)

If you still see COM5 on LGE, close Device Manager and open it again.

Now whenever you use any program that detects your phone, it will be on COM1 always.
NOTE: Don’t set the phone to the same COM# as any other ones listed or
whenever you plug in your phone, your PC will reboot.

Add Stuff to your Phone… (Lg VX7000 specifically. As stated above this may vary slightly depending on your phone model)
(using QPST)

To add a .gif/pic:

Open the proper software and connect to your phone.
Navigate the embedded filesytem to “dload”>”img”>
Now right click and choose add new file.
Press “browse” and select the gif or picture and press “ok”.
After that you should wait until the little window that says “Please Wait” goes away.
Once it is gone navigate up and back to “dload” and delete “image.dat”
Once you are done exit the program and select yes.
Your phone should then turn off and turn back on, if it doesnt do it manually.
Then your file should be in your picture gallery, now it can be used as a wallpaper.

To add a ringtone:

Open the proper software and connect to your phone.
Navigate the embedded filesytem to “dload”>”snd”>
Now right click and choose add new file.
Press “browse” and select your ringtone which should be a .mp3 or .mid
After that you should wait until the little window that says “Please Wait” goes away.
Once it is gone navigate up and back to “dload” and delete “sound.dat”
Once you are done exit the program and select yes.
Your phone should then turn off and turn back on, if it doesnt do it manually.
Now you have a new audio file on your phone that can be used as a ring tone or whatever.

How to delete ringtones or memos from your phone. (VX7000 in this case, other LG phones will be similar)
1) Press the button to the right of OK button (looks like a little arrow and small circle)

2) Press 1 for Get Tunes & Tones

3) Scroll down and select the sound you want deleted

4) Press the top left softkey for Erase.

5) Press 1 to confirm erase or 2 to cancel

Note: If Earase option is not listed in left corner, then you cannot delete that sound.

Exporting Files from your phone (Lg VX700)

To save a file from your phone to your computer, you simply need to find the file on your phone right click and choose “copy from phone”.

Next I will tell you where all the diffrent files on your phone are located.



Videos=”brew”>”media” (its a “.3g2″ file)

Phone Book=”pim”>”pbentry.dat”

Anything related to calls=”pim”

Alarm info=”alarm”>”alarm.dat”

Banner Data=”eri”>”eri.bin”


WAP is a free internet alternative to paying verizon $4.99/mo.

To set it up on your VX7000, do the following:

Update as of 11-19-04

The verizon IPs below are not valid anymore. If you want to use Free WAP, you will need to either find some other valid IPs or run your own WAP server on your computer.

To help you guys out, I have placed the WAP Server software in the Tutorials section. It has instructions on how to set everything up. Good luck.

Update as of 09-25-04

You can now use other WAP servers besides the Verizon one again.

On this site in the Software section there is a file called WAP_Server.zip

Download it to set up your own WAP server at home.

If you use your own servers, you will not get the $4.99 message from VZW.

You can always use the Verizon’s IPs below:

Enter the following information:

Press Menu, 0, 000000, go to WAP

Set these as follows:

Primary IP:

Primary Port: 8080

Secondary IP:

Secondary Port: 8080

Homepage: http://www.tagtag.com/blazer380
(To set up the Homepage, press Menu, 0, 00000, 9, 4, and type in your homepage here and press SAVE)

Note: You will now get the $4.99 VZW advertisement whenever you start the browser.

Just press Menu when it comes up, and click on Home (Homepage).

Also recently the tagtag.com has been down, so try another homepage.

These are the old wap settings that don’t seem to be working now.
I’m leaving them in here just in case they work at some later time.

If you want to use free wap, and not get the VZW $4.99 ad, do this:

Press Menu, 0, 000000, go to WAP

Set these as follows:

Primary IP:

Primary Port: 8080

Secondary IP:

Secondary Port: 9201

Homepage: http://www.tagtag.com/blazer380

How to reset demos from GIN free

Method #1

Basically u download the demo, then instead of running the app you hit clear it takes u back to the same screen of downloading the demo and u do that many many times which keeps bumping the times it can run or the time of usage up up up.

Method #2

Ok, welcome back to another fantastic “How To” by me, Hsarci. Once again, if you have ?’s or comments e-mail me at senalphsarci@yahoo.com

This guide will explain how to reset expired demo Get It Now apps that you can download with your LG VX7000.

Regardless wether you have downloaded, delete, used up, or anything with the demos, they will come back.

Now watch closely.

1.) First of all, decide which demo app you want to download. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then download it an you are done. Otherwise, continue reading.

2.) If the demo you want is deleted then move on to step 3. If the demo is expired (or even if its not) then delete it. To do this, go to the Get It Now menu, choose your category, then the app. Use the right soft button labeled “options” to get to the options menu, yeah go figure. Press “Erase/Cancel”. Now the app is gone.

3.) From the home screen press the following sequence: Menu + 0 + 000000 . This will take you to the “Services” menu. Scroll all the way to the bottom and press “Get It Now Setting.”

4.) Scroll to number “3.” and press it (IP/URL). Press ok on the first IP. Then delete the trailing “m” by pressing clear. Press save then do the same with the second IP.

5.) Press End to get back to the main(home) screen. Go to the Get It Now menu and pick any category. Go to “Get New” in whatever catagory you are in. Wait for the error message to come up.

6.) Go to the main screen and repeat step 3.

7.) Scroll to number “3.” and press it (IP/URL). Press ok on the first IP. Then REPLACE the trailing “m” . Press save then do the same with the second IP.

8.) Power off your phone then power it back on. Go back to the Get It Now menu. ALL YOUR DEMOS ARE BACK!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

9.) Enjoy


Theoretically(sp?) this should work on anyphone where the “Get It Now” IP addresses can be edited. Try it out on other phones if you can and let me know.



Changing your wallpaper

This is a simple tutorial on how to get Wallpaper using the datacable on you vx7000

It’s actually quite simple.

1.) This requires that you pay the $1.99 fee for the MIDIRingtones app for the 1 use on
GIN. Pay for it, download it. It can get you all the wallpaper you want perfect size
for your phone.

2.) Load up the app and go to the wallpaper section. Veiw one that you want. DONT BUY IT.

3.) Using your file browser on your pc (QPST or Bitpim or w/e) browse to /brew/#### . The
numbers represent the 4 digit directory where your phone has stored the MRT app. It is
easy to tell which one the MRT app is in because there will be other files in the DIR
labled “midiringtones.xxx” and what not. (sorry I don’t have my phone right now so I
not sure of the exact names.

4.) Once you find the DIR, look for a file called “test.bmp” (or maybe its “tst.bmp”) and
save that to your PC.

5.) Then rename it or what ever you want, and upload it to the wallpaper dir (/dload/img/).
Delete the image.dat file in /brew/ (as always) and restart. This will, of course,
reset your picture id settings. This is the only way the vx7000 will read a new picture.
There is a workaround for this, however; rename the test.bmp to the exact name of a
file (including extension) of a pic that is already on your phone and overwrite it.

6.) Enjoy your $1.99 fountain of perfect sized wallpaper for your phone!

This method may also work with ringtones from MIDIRingtones. I don’t have my phone available
so I have no way to test it. If anyone finds out, please e-mail me at senalphsarci@yahoo.com
Also, I have tried doing this with a few of the other ringer appz and it didnt work. Only
tried the ones that had free demos so I’m not sure about the ones that don’t.


If you have any question, comments, or anything just e-mail me at senalphsarci@yahoo.com


Increasing video camera recording time
It is possible to increase the length of videos that the vx7000 takes.
You can choose 15, 20, or 25 seconds. I do not know if they can be emailed when they are longer than 15 seconds.

There is a catch… The file size is still limited. Once you reach a certain file size, the recording will stop.
It might stop at 10 seconds… or you might make it clear to 25 seconds.
In any event… changing this setting should give you the maximum recording time without any adverse effects.
Also… it seems to cut off at 15 seconds, but I have taken 25 seconds ones before.

Menu -> 0 -> 000000 -> * -> 899667 -> # -> (select time)

Phone Information

This will show you your phone info (works on most phones)

All you need to do is dial #4357*4357

(no need to press send, the app starts as soon as you press the final 7)

Verizon goodies

How to upload files to this site?

NOTE: You can only upload files, edit descriptions, delete files/albums in ADMIN MODE.

1) You need to registered and logged in (to register or login, use the appropriate buttons on top right of page)

2) Once you are logged in, Click the Admin Mode button on top nav

3) After it logs you in as admin, you will need to create an album before uploading files

4) Click on Create Album, Click New, Edit the name to say whatever you want, and press Apply Modifications (Are you sure, say YES)

5) Once you have your album, click Upload File button on top nav

6) You will see 10 upload boxes

7) It will then give you the places to Browse for your files.

8) Once you have all the files selected, Press Continue

9) It will upload your files and tell you to press Continue, do so.

10) Now it will ask you to pick what albums you want to put those files in, just pull the album name for each file from the pull-down menu

11) Once you are done, press Continue on the bottom.

12) You can then edit the titles/descriptions of your files in your album

13) To get out of Admin Mode, just press User Mode on top

Adding goodies to your phone (cont.)
Tutorial: Uploading/Downloading Pictures/Wallpapers to and from your VX7000 (also works with VX6000):

1) Purchase a USB cable for a VX 6000 phone (they dont make ones for 7000 yet unless you pay $50 at verizon) I bought one on ebay for $10 (just search for VX 6000 cable)

2) Once you receive your USB cable, it will not fit into your 7000 until you use a file/sand paper to carefully file down the slotted side of the part that goes inside the phone. (you will know what i’m talking about when you see it). Make sure you file slowly, blow off any shavings, and try to fit it. If doesnt fit, file some more, and do this until you can fit the cord in the phone all the way. I used a nail filer to file it away, took about 15 minutes.

3) Before you plug in your USB to your PC, you need to download and install USB drivers. Download it from the FAQ/Tutorials section.

Save it to your desktop and run it.

4)Install the USB drivers (if u have XP, it will tell you the drivers are not certified by microsoft, click Continue when given choice)

5)After they are installed, plug in your phone to USB in your PC

6)The PC will recognize your phone

7)Go to www.bitpim.org and download the latest release (I used 7.20) and install it (Use the default settings that it gives you & Choose VX6000 as the phone)

8)At any time during the installation of the drivers or bitpim, if it asks you to reboot the PC, then do it.

9) Once you have that installed, open bitpim or QPST and here are some things you can do:

NOTE: You have 2 choices of what software to use to transfer files. Bitpim and QPST/EFS Explorer.

If you are successful with using BitPim or Brewsky, then just keep using those. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

If you are having trouble with the above mentioned, then you should try the QPST software. It is not meant to be a complete replacement of BitPim, but just another tool to assist in the transfer of files to and from your phone.

NOTE: Always make sure your phone is turned on and plugged in before starting QPST.

One thing that I have noticed that QPST does better is with the VX6000 phones, you can transfer an mp3 (renamed to .mid) and it works. I have tried the same exact thing with BitPim and the phone would only play files under 30K. With QPST, it plays files over 300K.

NOTE: QPST is also the ONLY program that will let you transfer animated gifs to your VX7000.

Phone: VX7000, Software QPST

a) you can transfer animated gifs into your images directory, then delete images.dat (this will reset all your Caller ID images). Then reboot your phone and you will have the animated gifs in your phone.

NOTE: The animation on the images IS slower. The simpler the animation and the smaller the size of the gif file, the faster the animation is. Also, do not set animated gifs as Caller ID images, since they dont work.

b) you can also transfer mp3s into your snd directory without using the Overwrite method. If you do it this way, you have to delete sounds.dat, and that will reset your Caller ID ringers. You can also use the Overwrite method with QPST and that way you don’t have to delete sounds.dat (in the dload folder).

QPST Overwrite Method:

All you have to do is create a ringtone with the same exact name as the one on the phone
that you want to overwrite and drag it into the QPST window.
It will then ask you DO YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE?. You just say YES. Then reboot the phone and Voila!

So if you have a ringer on the phone called macarena.qcp or macarena.mp3 or macarena.mid, and you want to overwrite it with a new song, goodies.mp3 (or.qcp or .mid), then you rename goodies.mp3 on your PC to macarena.mp3 and drag the new macarena into QPST and overwrite.
Once its on your phone, you can rename it using your phone to “goodies”.

Just make sure to have the appropriate extension.
So if your song on the phone ends with qcp then you make sure you name the song on your PC with qcp.
You dont actually have to convert it to qcp, just rename extension.

NOTE: The VX 7000 phone can handle mp3 files. You DONT have to rename them to .mid

c) With this program you can transfer any file from your phone to your computer

Phone: VX6000, Software QPST

NOTE: you can transfer animated gifs to this phone, but they will NOT show the animation once it on your phone, you will only see the first frame of the gif.

a) with this program, you can put mp3s into the phone, but first you need to rename the .mp3 to .mid , then you can put them into the user/sound/ringer folder
Then go to download/dloadindex and delete the 3 *RingerIndex.map files
Then reboot your phone, and you can now use the new ringers.
NOTE: Deleting the .map files will reset your Caller ID ringers.

b) adding images (gif, jpg, bmp) to your phone:
go to Brew/Shared/mms
and upload your images into this directory from your PC
Then go into download/dloadindex and delete the 3 *ImageIndex.map files
Then reboot your phone, and you can now use the new images (they will be found in menu > 7 > 1.
NOTE: Deleting the .map files will reset your Caller ID images.

*What do I need to know about wallpapers? (VX7000 ONLY)
“Main screen” image resolution is 176W * 184H.

“Front screen” image resolution is 96W * 80H.

When exporting JPGs from your image editor, use the highest quality
output. Any noise caused by low quality will be exaggerated on your
phone screen.

For the front screen, a contrast setting of 25-35% is best for seeing
the most colors.

Remember that the bottom 18 pixels, and possibly the bottom 36 pixels
(with notifications) will be grayed out or covered by your phone
information. Also on the front screen the digital clock takes up most
of the area as well.

*What do I need to know about ringtones? (VX7000 and VX6000)

MIDI files do not need any modification, unless of course you want to
use different instruments and such.

Audio file lengths of around 30 seconds are generally good for a
ringtone, as most phones do not ring longer than that, so you’d just
be wasting space.

Remember, since we’re playing this song on the tiny cellphone
speaker, and not our home or car stereo, we DO NOT need ultra-high
quality. I recommend a bitrate of 32kbps and a sample rate of 22.5
kHz. Also use mono (1 channel) sound, since the phone doesn’t have
stereo speakers as well. Filesizes should end up in the 140kB range.

*How do I install wallpapers? (VX7000)(using BitPim)

First off, you’ll need a lot of “donor” pictures to be overwritten by
Bitpim. A quick way to accomplish this is to activate the “closed
phone photo” (hold photo button down for 3 sec while phone is
closed), then mash the photo button a few more times. When done, exit
back to the main screen.

Make sure your phone is plugged into the USB port and is on

Load Bitpim, and if it’s your first time, just set it to VX7000 mode
Go to the “Filesystem” tab.

You’ll see what looks similar to a Windows Explorer folder tree.
Navigate to “dload”, then “img”. You’ll see a variety of BMP and JPG
files listed.

Notice the timestamped pictures we just took. Right click on a file,
then pick “overwrite”.

Choose the picture you want to overwrite with, then click “OK”. A
progress bar on the bottom of the window will indicate that the file
is being uploaded.

Once the file is uploaded, check it in your camera gallery, and
rename/use it as you please!

*How do I install wallpapers? (VX6000)(using BitPim)

adding images (gif, jpg, bmp) to your phone:
go to Brew/Shared/mms
and upload your images into this directory from your PC
Then go into download/dloadindex and delete the 3 *ImageIndex.map files
Then reboot your phone, and you can now use the new images (they will be found in menu > 7 > 1.
NOTE: Deleting the .map files will reset your Caller ID images.

*How do I install ringtones? (VX7000)(using BitPim)

Just as in wallpapers, create several “donor” files to be
overwritten. Record yourself saying “blah” into the phone a couple
dozen times.

Connect phone, load Bitpim, go to “Filesystem” tab.

Navigate to “dload”, “snd”

Choose sound file you want to put ringtone into, right click and
choose “overwrite”

Upload your ringtone. Don’t worry if your ringtone is .QCP or not,
it’ll work regardless.

Once the file is uploaded, check it in your “Get It Now” > “Get Tunes
and Tones” section and rename/use as you please!


Download it from the FAQ/Tutorials section.

its 7.19 MB

To put files on and off including ANIMATED GIFS on your VX7000, here are the instructions:

Install this program QPST.
then plug in your phone to USB cable into PC

then go to Start > Programs > QPST > QPST Configuration

then click on Ports Tab: u will see com1 and com2
click on Add and type in COM4 for both places
it will then show COM4 Enabled and will show your phone info
Close that and go back to Start > Programs > QPST > EFS Explorer

Then it will show your phone, click OK
u will see Please Wait….. takes 10 seconds
Then u will see the directory just like in Brew.
Go to dload/img
Rightclick in there and choose New
pick the animated gif file and say ok
After that, go to dload dir and delete image.dat
close EFS explorer
Turn off / on your phone
Go to wallpapers, and set the new gif as wallpaper

NOTE : If you close EFS Explorer, it will say something like, Do you want to reset your phone, just Say YES, and it will reboot your phone.
NOTE: Some people have found that other ports work, so just keep adding ports until one of them works for you. COM1, COM2, …. COM10
I doubt you can get anything higher than COM10.

For more info on this subject, visit the following:

Verizon Banner Removal


But basically what you have to do is using bitpim, download the
eri.bin file. (You do this by going to “View Filesystem” /eri/eri.bin
and save)

Make a backup of it.
Using a hex editor (winhex is suggested and it works just fine for

Within the eri.bin file look for the lines with “Verizon WirelessA”
and Verizon WirelessB” Now the trick is is to place the cursor over
the V… and hit the space bar replacing all letters with a space –
Except for that trailing letter A or B. Make sure to leave that part

Now upload the edited eri.bin file to your phone. To do this go to
view filesystem again, right click on eri.bin, and select overwrite.

Once this is done, reboot your phone, and the verizon wireless banner
will be gone.

Hope this helps!

Moving videos off your phone

Moving Videos Off your VX7000

1) Open BitPim or QPST
2) Go into /brew/media folder and you will see your videos there .3g2
3) You can copy them from this folder to your pc and use Quicktime to play it
4) If you delete it off your phone, also delete video.dat in your /dload folder and reboot phone

Moving Videos On to your VX7000

1) Download Quicktime Pro software
2) Encode a movie into 3gp (use 48 bitrate video, framerate 30, dont worry about audio)
3) Save and rename as 3g2
4) Use QPST to upload it to /brew/media folder
5) Delete /dload video.dat
6) Reboot phone

You will now have the movie in your flix gallery

How-To convert video from PC to play on Motorola v710 and LG vx7000 (by eSaba)

Software needed:
Quicktime Pro.

Step 1: Try playing the file you want to convert in Quicktime Pro.
If the file plays with no problems, then you can skip to step 7.
Otherwise, you will have to first convert the file into a format Quicktime Pro can play using VirtualDub.

Step 2: Run VirtualDub, and load the file you wish to convert by choosing ‘File > Open video file…’ from the menu.
Then browse to the file and choose ‘Open’.

Step 3 (optional): If you only want a portion of the video file to be on the phone, there is no need to waste the time and convert the entire file.
Use the track-bar and scroll to where you want the clip to start, and then press the second to last button at the bottom of VirtualDub
(the one that looks like a half arrow pointing to the left). Then scroll to where you want the clip to end and click the last button at
the bottom of VirtualDub (far right). You have now selected a portion of the video file to use.

Step 4: From the menu, choose ‘Audio > Full processing mode’

Step 5: From the menu, choose ‘Video > Compression…’. You will have a list of codecs to choose from to convert to.
The first option should be ‘Uncompressed RGB’. I usually choose this, but be prepared for a VERY large output file size.
(a 3 minute clip is about 2.5 gigs). You can experiment with other codecs on this list. Remember,
all you need is a codec that will play in Quicktime, so others on this list will probably work. Click OK once codec is selected.

Step 6: From the menu, choose ‘File > Save as AVI…’. choose a save directory and name, and click save.

Step 7: So you have or have created a video file in a format Quicktime can play. Open Quicktime Pro and load the video
(the one you just created if you did not skip steps 1-6, not the original).

Step 8 (optional): If you did not do step 3, then you now again have the option to trim the video clip if you
don’t want the entire video to be on the phone. With the video loaded in Quicktime Pro, the track-bar has one dark arrow on top,
and two lighter half arrows on bottom. To trim the video file, move the lower two arrows on the track bar so the clip you want to
be on the phone falls between the two arrows. Then, from the menu, choose ‘Edit > Trim’ and everything outside of your selection will be removed.

Step 9: From the menu, choose ‘File > Export’

Step 10: In the ‘Export’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Movie to 3g’

Step 11: Click Options. From the ‘File Format:’ drop-down menu, choose ‘3GPP2’ and make sure the ‘Video’ drop-down menu has ‘MPEG-4’ selected,
the ‘Size’ drop-down menu has ‘176 x 144’ selected, and ‘Key frame every:’ is ’24’.

Step 12: Now this is where you can play with the settings to get the balance of file size and video quality you desire.
Obviously, the better the picture quality, the larger the file size. You can change the values under ‘Frames per second’ and
under ‘Data Rate’ and observe how your changes effect the file size (output file size is shown in this window, third field from the bottom).
Do not choose a ‘Frames per second’ value which exceeds the original frames per second value of the file you are converting.
You can find out the original value by choosing ‘ Window > Show Movie Info’ under the main Quicktime window.
For maximum picture quality, type in the same frames per second value as the original video clip and drag the track-bar
for the data rate to the maximum value on the far right. Then click ‘OK’

Step 13: Name the file, making sure not to change the .3g2 extension and click save.

Step 14: Transfer the file to the phone via data cable or the Trans Flash card (for the v710) and enjoy.

Using your Mobile2Mobile Minutes to get your voicemail.
Not having to type in password with Voicemail VX7000 or VX6000 (look below)

VX7000 Firmware 08

1) Open phone, press Menu

2) Press left to go to Messaging screen

3) Go down to Voicemail and press the top left softkey for Settings

4) Press 6 (Edit Voice Mail #)

5) Delete *86 and type in your phone # with a 1 infront of it. 12145551234
At the end after the T type in #, then your 4 digit voicemail password and #
(it will look like this:12145551234T#2222#) (where 2222 is your password)(where 12145551234 is your mobile #)
(To get a T, press the softkey for Pause, and choose 2-sec pause)

6) Click SAVE

Now you can just hold down 1 and it will call your voicemail and will not ask you to type in your password.
Also you will be using Mobile2Mobile minutes to listen to your VM. If you dont believe me, dial #646 and write down your minute usage. Then dial your VM using the method above. You will see Net Peak go up by 1 min.

VX7000 Firmware 03

1) Open phone, press Menu

2) Press left to go to Messaging screen

3) Go down to Voicemail and press the top left softkey for Settings

4) Press 6 (Edit Voice Mail #)

5) You should have *86 already there.

6) Go to the end of *86 and hold down the * key on your phone. It will look like this *86*.

7) Press CLR to erase the *

8) Hold down the * key again and you will see the T9Word option appear to the right of SAVE if you dont see the T9Word, CLR the * and Hold down * again until u see T9Word.

9) Now you should just have *86 (without the *) and T9Word appears next to SAVE

10) Press 8 key once, to get the letter T at the end (*86T)

11) Press SAVE

12) Go back to Edit Voice Mail # (6)

13) Delete *86 and type in your phone # with a 1 infront of it. 12145551234
At the end after the T type in #, then your 4 digit voicemail password and #
(it will look like this:12145551234T#2222#) (where 2222 is your password)(where 12145551234 is your mobile #)

14) Click SAVE

Now you can just hold down 1 and it will call your voicemail and will not ask you to type in your password.
Also you will be using Mobile2Mobile minutes to listen to your VM. If you dont believe me, dial #646 and write down your minute usage. Then dial your VM using the method above. You will see Net Peak go up by 1 min.

FOR VX6000
To change your V.M. #, go to:

Menu -> Message -> Msg Setting -> Edit voice mailbox number

Try: 12145551234T#2222# or 12145551234T2222#

Getting wallpapers on to the LG 6100 “full screen”
1) resize the wallpaper pic you want to use to:
128×160 (widthxheight) using whatever photo editor you like.

2) now take a picture with the phones camera (this will be
overwritten, just need to get a picture into the index/file system).

3) now using bitpim:

– go to the file system tab
– expand out the file structure (click the + in the upper left corner).
– expand out the “cam” tab
– you’ll see the picture you just took – it’ll have a jpg extension.
– click the picture to highlight it and then right click
– select “overwrite” and it’ll bring up a file system browser for
your local pc hard drive.
– select the picture you want to use as a wallpaper and click ok.
this will upload the picture (and overwrite the picture you just
took with the camera)

4) now on the phone:

– go to menu option 1 (camera) and select option #2 – gallery.
– Bring up the options menu (right soft button) and scroll down to
“lock/unlock” (option 5) and select “lock picture”.

This will make sure you don’t accidently delete it when deleting
pictures later on taken with the camera (if you use “erase all”
for example).

5) now select the option from the same menu “set as” and pick
“wallpaper” – or you can go to menu 9 -> display -> wallpaper
and select the picture from there.

You’ll now have a full screen picture much like the included
“default” ones like the statue of liberty,etc that fill the screen.

Note: To make the photos you take with the VX6100 full screen, you need
to first copy them to your PC, then resize them to 128×160 and reupload
them back to the phone using the method above.

Emailing yourself ringtones & wallpapers

Method #1

How to email yourself ringtones and wallpapers:

1) Rename your .mp3 file to .mid and make sure the name is very simple, like “breathe.mid” and not “fabolous – breathe.mid”

If you cant see the file extension, open My documents, go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, Uncheck box: Hide Extensions for Known File Types, Click OK.

2) Open up your email program and send a blank email with the mid attachment to yourphone#@vzwpix.com (for ex: 2145551212@vzwpix.com)

Leave the subject line blank as well as the message.

3) Click Send and you should then get it on your phone. Once you open the message on the phone, the ringer will now be in your Tunes/Tones.

The size of the attachment can be up to 300Kb

(Sending wallpapers is the same way, just attach a jpg/gif/bmp/png instead of mid)

Method #2

How to send files to your phone via Verizon’s Site (by bossdragon)

Link to Verizon’s site to send music clip—–> http://www.vzwpix.com

Now, once your on Verizon’s site, go down to where it says Create A Message and click on that.
(No, you don’t need to sign in or anything)

On the new page go to where it says To and add your cell phone number starting with your area code.

Example: 6601234567 – do not put any slash marks in the number

After that scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you’ll see what looks like a piece of film negative.
On the left hand side, you’ll see From PC. Click on it.

A small box will come up and there will be 3 choices in it. Click on Add Text.
Another small box will come up. Click inside that box and type something. Example: 12

Once that is done, click on Add. Your screen may flash, but once that’s done,
you’ll see the text you typed in the main area of film negative area now.

If that is correct, go back to From PC and once again click on it.
This time click on Add Audio. Another small box will come up.
Once this box is up, click on Browse and search your Hard Drive for the sound clip you want to send to your phone.

Once you found it, double click on it. The path to the song should now be showing in the small box.
If it is, click on Add, and the screen should flash.

If all goes well, on the new screen it should say up top in red:

Upload Success

Now that all that is done, all you have left to do is send it to your phone.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Send

In a few seconds you should see your phone accepting the clip.

Ta Da, that’s it….your done.

I hope this helps. ENJOY!!!!

P.S. Make sure your sound clip had the .mid extention and not .mp3,
and also make sure the file size is like 300Kb or less, or the site won’t send it (there is a size limit).

Also, if you plan to send a lot of audio and/or images to your phone,
I would strongly suggest getting a cable for your particular phone.

8 thoughts on “LG VX5200, LG VX6000, LG VX7000, LG VX8100 stuff”

  1. Alarm Clock confusion…

    Does anyone know how the following happened?

    I have a Verizon LG vx7000. I left my phone to charge in my house (no one was around) and I came back and the alarm was set to four times with Spanish sayings next to the alarm (ie: 4:48pm Cambiar Todo, 9:21am Dom).

    A few things to add to the conundrum: 1) the LG vx7000 does not allow me to write anything after setting the alarm, 2) there is no chnace/slim chance someone could have physically changed the settings using the phone.

    What do you think?

  2. My guess: Your phone is in Spanish mode. Go to the settings and tools menu. Then the system menu under than and the langage setting under that. Change the setting back to English.

    Then it sounds like you have a calendar event set. Did you ever play with the calendar or syncing up with Outlook? It sounds like you have a simple To Do (Cambriar in Spanish) event set. That could have been for today at any time. Perhaps you have some 3ft tall munchkins running around that could have been pressing random buttons on the phone. It is absolutely amazing what they can get into and set through random button presses.

    My thoughts…

  3. I am desperately trying to find the original default quick text entries that came with my VX5200 phone. Can anyone help. I don’t want to just restore the default, I need to know what they were. Thank you.

  4. My 8100 mysterioufly enabled all my pixs, on my phone…..left an action clip icon. I cannot dleted send or do anything to the icons…when a friend calls that I once had their picture, now has the stupid icon…any help to get my pictures back????

  5. i need some help with my LG verizon phone. i was screwing around with the voicemail and put the language on spanish.. now i can’t understand what in the hell its saying and all i want to do is chang it back.

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