USB Cell Phone Drivers – Use your phone to connect to the internet

AKA: How to use your phone to connect to the world wide web, general internet, email and etc.?

The long and short is this:


1. Buy the right cable to connect your phone to the PC from ebay

2. Come here and download the right driver for your phone

 3. Create the Dial Up connection.  For Windows do the following.

  1. My Computer
  2. Select My network places (look on the left for the link)
  3. Select View network connections (also on the left)
  4. Click Create new connection
  5. Choose Connect to the network at my workplace (this is the one that says VPN in the description.  That’s what you want.  Select it and click NEXT.  DO NOT SELECT “CONNECT TO THE INTERNET” IT WON’T WORK.
  6. Then choose Dial Up Connection.
  7. Type in a name you will remember.  Call it “Cell Phone” or “Verizon” or whatever and click next.
  8. Enter the correct phone number – for Verizon this is #777

4. Go to “Network connections” and double click on the dial up link you just created.

5. Enter VZW for both the username and password

6. Save it and dial. 

You should be in.  Your connection will be lost if you don’t use it frequently and you’ll need to dial out again.

This driver list was snagged directly from

That way it won’t be lost when I need it later… So, now I can use my laptop and get online through my cellphone from anywhere – at no extra charge (beyond the use of my free minutes). It’s not FAST broadband but it is fast enough to support a remote desktop session to my home PC. Dropping down to 256 colors makes it work even better.

On verizon, setup a dial into a VPN make the phone number #777 and the password & username should be VZW. TBH I don’t think the username and PW matter.

If you use a USB data cable as the link between the PC and mobile phone, you need to install the Windows driver for the USB data cable. Most mobile phones come with a CD which contains a bunch of software, including the driver that you want and a software suite that you may not be interested in. But the truth is that it’s all or nothing: There’s no way to install just the driver only.Sometimes, the software is outdated, causing you trouble in getting your USB data cable and mobile phone recognized by the computer. In this case, you need an updated driver for the USB data cable.Here’s an updated list of USB data cable drivers for free download. The drivers are from various mobile phone manufacturers.
Nokia provide a universal installation software for their USB data cables: Nokia connectivity cable driver. Though it comes with the Nokia PC Suite, we recommend installing this driver separately.It supports Nokia DKE-2, DKU-2, CA-42, CA-53, CA-70.Current Version 6.82.4
Download: Nokia connectivity cable driver v6.82.4Older Version 6.81.1
Download: Nokia connectivity cable driver v6.81.1.2

Link for info:

Motorola phones use the built-in Windows USB modem driver. If you have issue in recognizing your Motorola phone and do not want to install the official Motorola Phone Tools, we highly recommend you running this Driver Tool by Motorola. See the Motorola support FAQ for detail.Download: Driver Tool by Motorola
Link for info: Motorola Support FAQ
Sony Ericsson
Here’s the driver for the USB to serial cable manufactured by Prolific. It’s used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones as a USB-to-Serial com port. Supported Sony Ericsson phone models: K600i, Z800i, K300i, T290i, P910i, S700i, K500i, K700i, T630, Z1010, P900, Z600, T610, T310, P800, T300, T200, T68iCurrent version: v2.0.2.1 for Win2K/XP/2003 (XP Logo Certified)
Download: Driver for Prolific PL-2303 USB to Serial Bridge v2.0.2.1Older version: v2.0.0.26 (some cables require this older driver version)
Download: Driver for Prolific PL-2303 USB to Serial Bridge v2.0.0.26Link for info: Prolific Support Page
Samsung provides an integrated drivers setup called Samsung PC Studio 3 USB Driver Installer. It is a package of drivers, which is comprised of:

– Samsung CDMA Modem Driver Set
– Samsung Mobile USB Modem 1.0 Software
– Samsung Mobile USB Modem Software

Download: Samsung PC Studio 3 USB Driver Installer
Link for info: Samsung Fun Club

LG also provides a drivers setup called LG USB Modem Driver Setup. Phones supported by this driver include:

– KG320 LG Chocolate Bar
– KG810 LG Chocolate Folder
– KG800 LG Chocolate Slide

Version: v4.6
Download: LG USB Modem Driver
Link for info: LG Mobile

There’s no universal driver setup provided by BenQ-Siemens. Each phone model and cable requires a different driver. You’ll need to manually select the driver files when you’re prompted for them.Here’s just one driver for BenQ-Siemens CL71:Version: v1.0.7.6
Download: BenQ-Siemens CL71 driver for Win2kXp
Link for info: BenQ-Siemens Support


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