Make your Verizon cell phone safe! Set the Emergency numbers!

Your cell phone can be configured with up to three emergency numbers that work for your area. 911 is now pretty common in the US but it was not always so. There still may be areas that don’t use 911 but use a different number. In anycase, you set three numbers that ALWAYS work wether the phone is locked or not. One should be your equivelent to 911. The second number in your phone is, by default, 611. 611 is the universal phone company repair service. It is also used on many colleges as the campus police number. So, some people will be used to calling it. The third number *611 will get you directly to verizon’s customer service. So, if you lock your phone you can call them and ask them how to unlock it 🙂 plus someone should always be there eventually…

Anyway, wouldn’t it be MUCH more useful for you to have the local fire department number as one that you or your kids can dial even if the phone is locked? Or maybe your spouse’s phone?

Anyway, changing these number is probably a pretty good idea and here’s how to do it:

  1. Click OK/Menu
  2. Click right twice to get to the Settings and Tools Menu
  3. Click down until you get to the System (this is 5 on a lg vx5200)
  4. Click down until you get to the Security (this is also 5 on a lg vx5200)
  5. Enter your lock code. If you have not customized it, this is the last for digits of your phone number.
  6. Click Emergency #s
  7. You’ll see a message that says “Reset Default: Preference settings will be set to factory defaults. Press OK to continue.” You know what to do here…

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