A horrible, horrible time suck…

Whatever you do, if you’re at all obsessive compulsive about puzzles, DO NOT click on any of these links…


Hapland is a game that is sort of like viewing a complete “incredible machine” that you must figure out how to activate in the right sequence… You must look at the cause and effect of everything on the screen and figure out the right sequence to light the torches and activate the portal at the end of each level.

My 10 and 8 year olds (and my wife and I) have solved Hapland1. Now we are working on 2. We’re kind of stuck at the moment… but we’ve made some progress…

Anyway, these games were written by the fine folks at foon.co.uk. I recommend that you visit them; there’s a link inside the game. I’m hosting locally since it downloads much faster and I want to play it at near full screen. At foon.co.uk, it is a fixed size.


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