Congratulations on the Twins Brian Layman of North Canton, Ohio!

No, that’s not me. But I do have interaction with this fellow! See we live in the same county and have the same middle initial. We probably live within 5 miles of each other. Almost definately 10.

So, if I go to the Stark County library, I have to be very specific when I don’t have my card with me. Or if I hit the Blockbusters to the south instead of to the north, I have to watch which account is being accessed. Additionally, I’m sure others searching for me on the web have found him and visa versa.

Anyway, he and his wife just had twins in April, 2006!
“Juliet Ake-Layman and Brian Layman of Canton, twins, son and daughter.”

Congratulations oh twinned named one. I wish you all the best.

This is the second (not counting me) Brian Layman I’ve met. My mother used to be babysit by a “Bryan Lehman” in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Kind of funny that way.


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