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I had a wonderfully fun weekend. I was pit crew for my friend Tom Moyer. He came up to race and the Nelson Ledges racetrack. It’s a nice track but VERY bumpy. We had to do some structural reenforcement of his tachometer and fairing, but it went really well. He reported that turn 7 was interesting because of the washboard right before it. He said he hit that washboard at speed and thought he’d be dead when the corner came. But then it smoothed out.

My jobs were to help get the bike fueled with premix – measure the tire temp before and after the races to make sure the tires were heating up enough to be sticky during those corners and not so much that he’s flinging chunks of rubber all over the track.

Other than the cold weather combined with the sunburn, it was a very good day. BTW, Tom’s the yellow Yamaha RZ350 #262. It’s a two stroke and a blast to ride… (Yes, I speak from experience 🙂 )

Here’s a couple videos:
Movie 1
Movie 2

Learn more: Tom races in the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club


And Tom certainly had some admirers at our house afterwards. He’s the apple of Caleb’s eye at the moment…


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