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Oh, and of course there’s also Democratic Rep. William Jefferson (I have to work not to say William Jefferson Clinton), eight-term congressman for New Orleans and neighboring districts.

This morning the affidavit for his arrest warrant was disclosed. It stated how they found $90,000 of a $100,000 bribe disclosed by a former Jefferson aide. The money was wrapped in zip lock bags and placed in plastic containers in the freezer.

Gee, he’s been there for 8 terms. Do you think the governmental system in New Orleans could have already been broken before Katrina?

Do you think perhaps that newly re-elected Mayor Ray Neagan (SP?) might have know that there could have been something not right in the state of Louisiana?

That site just bugs me… If it were truely out for making a change, don’t you think that Jefferson would have at least a mention on their campaigns page? Isn’t ousting an corrupt 8 term representative an important thing? Hasn’t he been shown to have failed New Orleans? He isn’t one of ColorOfChange’s “Black folk and allies”, shouldn’t he be one of the things that change? Or maybe he is one of the”Allies”.

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