Definition of the word Stuck

Grammar: Stuck VS Stuck.

The word has several meanings. I honestly did not see what Kerry meant by his odd remarks because I heard only one meaning of the word.

Even in American Sign Language, the word is unclear:

The fingers shaped like a V stabbing at the through could indicate either being stabbed by the fangs of a snake, or could be pointing out a lodged of food caught in the throat. (Kudos for the actor and her eyes in that mov!)

I heard Kerry using the word as a verb meaning “to place without a thought or care”. That’s how it is often used in western Pennsylvania where I grew up; used as in “Where did I put that book? Oh! I stuck it on the shelf.” So, when Kerry says the uneducated get stuck in Iraq, well that meaning is pretty clear.

But I bet Kerry meant to use it as an adjective, as in “unable to be moved”; used as in “My shoe is stuck in the mud.”. I honestly didn’t hear him say “If you’re uneducated, you can’t get out of Iraq, just ask President Bush.” and now realize that was his joke. (BTW the military can still take offense at that.) But it is less harsh than “If you’re uneducated, you’ll be gotten rid of. The republicans will ship you off to Iraq; just ask President Bush.” and that’s how I’d interpretted what he said.

Either way, it was a stupid thing to say. Kerry is by no means a novice at this and should have known better.

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