Did you file your Code Rage feed back yet? Here’s mine:

If you haven’t gone to http://video.codegear.com/coderage/ConferenceEval.exe/t_new and rated the conference, please do so  now! 

 Over-all I rated most as very good, with some obvious exceptions for things I didn’t attend and for the sound.

Here were my comments:

Please put the links to the streams right in the personal schedule.  There was no need for the extra annoyance of loading the alphabetical listing of all sessions when you simply could have clicked Stream 1 right underneath the time slot.
Obviously, there were sound issues throughout.  Three or four pre-conference sessions, just as you have with the real conferences, could have been used to iron those out.

I’d have to say that there was zero build up for the Delphi 2007 anouncement in the closing speech. 

OK, so EVERYONE knew it was coming, but still, anticipation is half the fun at least!  The closing session simply started with, “Oh and hey guys, we’ve worked really hard and it’s been released.” No fan fare, no fireworks, or anything.  I mean if you can’t have a pneumatic potato cannon firing T-Shirts through the chests of unsuspecting audience members, you have to at least work with what you’ve got! 

All in all guys, it was well done AND unlike how I felt after some other conferences, I was able to attend enough sessions with significant amounts of new and pertinant information to make it well worth my while. 

Well done.

What did you have to say?

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