Feature: TRUE blog pages.

The theme must be able to support pages with internal HTML.

This should be done in a way that can be made a standard for other themes and this should be relayed to the other people in the competition prior to the theme releases.  This REALLY should be a standard for WordPress in general.

 In order for me to create a new page at www.KnitChat.com that fits in with the current blog, all I need to do is wrap PHP or HTML in these two lines:

<?php require(dirname(__FILE__).’/includes/custompage_top_yar.php’); ?>

<?php require(dirname(__FILE__).’/includes/custompage_btm_yar.php’); ?>

If I do that, then I can put ANYTHING in there.  Under the current WordPress pages lay out, you are restricted to the type of content allowed in WordPress posts.  That’s insufficient if you want to create true webpages like: www.knitchat.com\fleet.php or www.knitchat.com\subscribetome.php or www.knitchat.com\useronline.php

An option would be to allow the theme options tab to do it by itself…

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