How to unlock your LG vx 5200, 6000, 8100, 9800

One of the major problems I have with my vx5200 phone is that it takes hundreds of pictures of the inside of my pocket…

Right now I only have one solution for this: Lock the keypad.
However, I was expecting it to unlock by pressing Menu * like my old (I-didn’t-know-how-good-I-had-it-when-I-had-it) Nokia phone.

Now however, with the new Verizon menu system on all of their LG phones, my lg5200 did not unlock the same way… After trying all logical four digit number combinations I could think of in 15-20 minutes, (1234, 4321, 1111, 2222, 5432, 6543, 0000) I stopped and thought “OK – if it is not a number pattern, it is a specific number. What specific number is associated with this phone…”

Well the answer is obvious… The unlock code for Verizon phones is….

Drum roll please……..dddddddddddddddddddd

The answer is The last four digits of your phone number.